Pics of your Carbines

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by adam11082, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. This is the place you get to post your hi-point porn. I figured people could post pics of their carbines so everyone could go to one post to see them and get ideas from other members. Soooo.... Lets see some pics of those carbines!

    tru-glo red dot
    Pachmayr slip-on grip
    Hi-point butt-cover

  2. Sig Man

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    Factory Stock

    This is what it looked like the day before yesterday

  3. Sig Man

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    ATI Stock

    This is what it looks like today :D

  4. Ridge

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    Shame on you for double posting...

    Mine with a few pistols :)

  5. Very nice guys! Love the Desert Eagle!
  6. My week old 995. ATI stock, Barska 50MM Red Dot scope, Beretta tri-mount with the foregrip and Moerse barrel shroud. I even got my toes in the pic for yous with a foot fetish!




  7. Deadscott, your 50mm red dot looks almost out of proportion! But im LOVING the barrel shroud!!!!! Where did ya get it??
  8. Jettster

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    I dig the Beretta tri-mount for your foregrip, where did you pick it up?
  9. Thats it? Lets see some mods you guys have done to your HP's.
  10. Well, I hate to double post but:


  11. Very nice bushman, almost looks like what hi-point will hopefully be coming out with.
  12. mrgrinch233

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    4095 with Barska red dot and meen attack dog inspecting it. OH! couldn't forget the toes. :lol: :D
  13. good lookin guns guys!!! :wink:
  14. Here's mine. ATI stock / laser from Benny, 42mm red dot from Wal-Mart, compensator from Hi-Point, sling from the original stock.

  15. bikeman

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  16. heydave

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    Mine with the Bushman trigger & charging handle, and my custom made flash-hider.
  17. Lashlarue

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    [​IMG]Same as one above, but mine, mine , mine, mahrahha!