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  1. icono

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    here is the most fire arms i have seen in one place other than in the army this is a picture from last weekend at a "private gun range" the 995 is mine

  2. Holy crap you have an arsenal there :shock: I would feel sorry for anyone that picked that weekend to rob you.

  3. Sheesh thats a lot of iron!!! Great pic!!!
  4. I'll take one of each!!! :D
  5. looks like a party to me , how many people were there????
  6. Nice 8) :twisted: 8) :shock: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. elguapo

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    Classy! Now tell me you shot each and everyone?
  8. condition1

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    holy crap I bet that was fun.
  9. icono

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    There was 15 people and about 4 more firearms that didnt make the pic (they were repeats),

    I managed to shoot about 11 of the firarms in the pic ,
    (mine) HP 995 , Ruger 10/22(w/ scope),SW 99 , Beretta Neos

    (borrowed) SW 38SPL revolver,Ruger Security six .357,AR 15, benelli shotgun,a Deer Rifle of some kind, an HP C9, SW 9VE
  10. OMG!! I'm in love!!! Wish I owned them all!!!
  11. This is the most I've seen in one place lol.


  12. I gotta go clean myself up... brb!