Pictures of C9 and CF380

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  1. I finally took the time to take pictures of my pistols. I added a Hogue grip to each. The only trimming was a small half circle around the mag release button. It is hard to believe but the grips improves any already great shooting pistol.

    Here is my C9, right and left sides.


    Here is my CF380, right and left sides. This has a Hogue grip, too.


    Here is a photo of the first target I shot with the C9 at 5 yards.
    The lower hits were when I aimed at the center. The center hits were when I aimed at the top 9.
  2. nice pics and great shooting there!

  3. Nice shootin, nice guns too.
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    Great guns and shoot'n. Gotta love hogue.
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    Had the same problem with my Bersa Thunder when I got it. Turned out not to be the gun but me. I had to learn the trigger on the new pistol. Once I had fired the pistol a few times and paid attention to what was going on. I was able to sight the gun up and shoot POA regularly.
    When you shoot one gun all the time, and then start shooting another your shot is off until you are use to the new trigger.
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    I love how those hogue grips look, I might have to get some myself. Nice shootin :)
  7. Does anybody have that link or picture that explains the difference between combat sighting and target type sighting? That maybe the issue here with the point of aim being high or low. It is almost too difficult to explain without the graphics but essentially it is your sight picture either being at the six oclock position of your target (target style) or your sight picture directly in the middle of your target (combat style).