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  1. So the 1911 is gonna get dolled up a little and I wanted to get some thoughts on some parts I was thinking about getting. Some feedback would be great from anyone who has any experience with mild customizing 1911s. Here's what I got:

    And here's what I was thinking about adding:

    Extended Slide Stop
    Compensator bushing
    and still looking and thinking flip flopping around on what I want to do.
  2. Just my opinons here.

    Forget the extended slide stop
    With practice the magwell won't really make a difference
    I think the compensator bushing is a gimmick or dress up and will only add length.

    If you want to shoot better then you're better off spending your money on good quality mags and reloading supplies so you can shoot more and perhaps later add some custom work such as hand fit slide, barrel and bushing and checkering the front strap.

    If you're just into cosmetics then in my opinion the nicest way to dress up a 1911 would be with ivory grips.
    BTW, ivory will increase your grip even when wet and they "age" nicely.

    Note- You can't have a custom 1911 overnight unless you're wealthy, one or two things at a time, at least that's the only way I can afford it.

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    Good suggestions there to think about Taurus: I already have enough "Magazines that work" in my 1911 (and some that dont) Not everyone has enough money to just go out and buy one custom fit to thier hand to shoot well. If so, I guess I am in the "Bottom of the barrel" type, which I think the majority around here is.
    I would go with a decent grip, that you like. If you like those Springer grips, then goodonya, stay with them. I am thinking a hammer/gripsafety with mine, but need to shoot it more to find out. Last couple times out shooting my 1911, no hammer bite, which was my reasons for modding my 1911. All I added was a simple pachmyr grip, and that helped out immensely. As far as the extended mag release and slide lock...again, I havnt shot it enough to warrent those.

  4. Ari

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    I got to tell ya... IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT! That thing is beautiful! If I was going to do anything I would look into what springs are in it. I would make sure those are high quality. Other then that I would do nothing to that thing at all!! :D
  5. I don't like the way magwells look.

    Just make guns look "off".
  6. I don't care for the looks either and they will only help with a novice shooter and even then not much.
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    Gun Smiths make a lot of money "Junking Up" perfectly functioning .45acp pistols because the owners wanted the latest gimmick fitted on. Simple little corrections to help accuracy would included a fitted barrel Link and Bushing, checking the barrel crown and a trigger bow Dimple to remove slop from the trigger if needed. Thats it in a nut shell and everything should cost under $75.00 as long as the crown does not need to be corrected. I'M not a fan of Ambidextrous safety's and would install a smaller profile dominate hand version. I would personally leave the pistol alone if it functions 100% and would invest into better functional magazines.
  8. +1

    Thats already a very nice looking pistol....not sure if the SA 1911 come with full-length guide rods or not, but thats a nice feature to maybe add-on, also I personally like the pachmayr grips in rubber/wood...but you've already got a lot of nice features on your pistol...beavertail angled up, front slide serations...skeletonized trigger...I've seen alot of 1911's out there with much less on them from the factory

  9. Well as for the grips, I have a couple in the mail that I will be trying out. I do like the stock grips on them, but wanna try whats out there. Also working with a grip maker to make a crazy set of custom pachmyer grips, but that is top secret for now, don't want someone beating me to the idea.
  10. Lots of great advice. The comps I've heard good and bad about. Some say they make a significat difference in muzzle flip reduction. This will be firearm for my venture into tryin IDPA out to see if it's for me. I need to find someone that good enough to hand fit my 1911 and do it right, but I'm not very trusting with my 1911 enough to just drop it off to a local gun shop and hope for the best. Wish we had a smith here on the forum. So the general consensus is to do nothing?
  11. I would try your first IDPA match with the weapon just as it is and see how it performs. Then, you can analyze performance and see what parts of the gun need the most work. Divide and conquer buddy. That Springfield is a sweet shooting pistol, so I doubt you'll have to do much to it. Maybe put a trigger kit in it to make the trigger lighter, but not much more other than that.
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    well, I liek the ideas GM had, alot of the stuff out there is to pretty them up. I really want to customize mine but feel it will violate her lol. I need to pick up a used one to see what kind of things I can try out on it. I would go with primals suggestion and try it in a mach and shoot it alot and then decide.
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    About the only thing you might need is the extended slide stop. I've found that I don't have to shift my grip to activate it like I did the original slide stop. :wink:

    By the way, the 1911 was designed for left handers. All the safeties on it and the slide release work best that way. John Browning was a southpaw, ya know. :shock:
  14. A lefty gun...odd. I was considering a extended slide stop as I do have to shift my grip, but it's not a huge deal, so I'm still thinking about it.