"Pimp My Mosin" If the finish fits, you must aquit

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  1. neothespian

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    So....while I haven't applied the Poly coats to the stock yet, you get the idea. Sorry for the lousy image quality, it's been one heck of a night and I really didn't feel like getting the good camera equipment out until it's COMPLETELY finished to my tastes.

    But, it's shaping up to be a rifle fit for a Red General.

  2. NICE!!!!

    If your Red General rolls in a Hummer with 22 inch spinners and diamond studded jewlery!!! Got da bling!

    Great job Neo, looks great.

  3. It looks real nice, good job.
  4. Kagern

    Kagern Guest

    Very nice looking rifle.

    And on the subject of 'bling' MNs... Anyone here actually handled one of Classic Arms hard chromed ones?
  5. shelbyzman

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    thats a nice looking mosin!