"Pimp My Mosin" Teaser pic....

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  1. neothespian

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    Just had to do it....just to get you an idea. Hardly done yet, but after 4 days of polishing I just had to show something off. Details to come later, since there is MUCH to come later.....




    Next installment: "In Soviet Russia, wood gets YOU...."
  2. Thayldt21

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    Neo, Its almost unreal. I mean I see the pic, But Idont believe it.

    I can see inside the cahmber and def don't believe it.

    I know seeing is believing but nope dont.

    Did you learn to cast aluminum. Did you bust out the Chrome paint and air brush and, No that would be difficult.

    I cannot imagine how worn out your arms must be from the sanding and polishing. Rotery helps but arms take the brunt.

    It is almost unreal man I look forward to seeing end product.

  3. Awe is a word that comes to mind.... WOW DUDE!!!! That thing has bling!!! man o man, what a difference that makes. What coating are you planning on putting on it now that it's polished?
  4. neothespian

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    Do not know yet. I have considered Chrome and there's an outfit out of Tampa that has quoted me $115 total to do it, which is not bad. I've considered Brass, but don't know the cost on that and there are very few who have the knowledge on how to temper the alloy for the high heat this will experience.

    It won't be field ready for some time, so I have the luxury to shop around. I'm also going to experiement with different polymer coatings and see which one has the highest abrasion and heat resistance.

    Remember: I make props for theater and film for a living. When it comes to MY toys, I take my time with them :p

    I appreciate all the compliments....it helps move thing along considering the scale of the damned project.
  5. And I see you have the manditory foot in the photo. :lol:

    BTW, very nice work.
  6. Very nice shoes!!

    Seriously, looks great.

    How did you polish that up so well? What tools? How long did it actually take to make it look like that?
  7. Have you considered having it parkerized? You can have it in the traditional black or a dull green. Now that you have polished the metal all the smith would need to do is a fine glass bead blast then do the parkerization.

    Now if you want something like a parade grade rifle go with the hard chrome or nickel finish. Not sure how well they would hold up after shooting the very high pressure x54R though.
  8. Uraijit

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    $115 sounds like a pretty good deal to chrome the whole thing for you. A DIY kit for any type of electroplating will cost you close to that!
  9. neothespian

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    Yep. Bought them at the same shop that I got the M44. Isn't America great!
  10. unclerob

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    Very nice work Neo!
    Thanks for the peek. I appreciate it.
    Looking forward to more photos.
  11. Wow, have me intrigued now.
  12. Thayldt21

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    you know I talk alot of smack about what id like to do, And well to be honest I was kinda thinking Neo may have been when I first heard his Idea of having it electropalted or something a whiloe ago.

    Not at all that I doubt the man Just didnt sound, Well Possible or easily done, for better terms

    As I see for my hundreth time he has some dang dedication. I can only imagine the feeling of " oh sh...Crap I really F'd this one up."

    Before that nonwillingness to give up kicks in.

    What a work out that must have been but I tell you I am impressed.
  13. neothespian

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    I started out by dismantling the weapon and checking the parts for any corrosion points. I found one the hard way when I broke the trigger spring :evil: Then I took the Kool-Aide to the whole thing. Took about 30 packs to get the majority of the bluing off the exterior of the rife. Then I took it to the bench grinder using a solid steel polishing compund. That got most of the major bits of bluing.

    The biggest issue on the exterior came to the sights and the bayonet hinge since I couldn't remove it. The finish still wasn't anywhere mirror finish either. So, one Dremel, 9 shop towels, 5 sheets of 800 grit sandpaper, 10 felt polish wheels and about half a bottle of silver polish later, I finally got it to where it was. I would buff out the major scratches with the sandpaper as best as possible, then rub on the heavier steel polish compound to even out the sanding with the Dremel. Then, in order to reduce the swirling of the felt polishing wheel from the steel compound, I actually experimented with a few chemicals. I found that sterling silver polish worked best but only when it was applied to the surface and left to dry solid. Then on the lowest setting (1500rpm) on the Dremel, I polished with the grain of the barrel and worked in small patches in even reps in order to avoid marring the finish any more.

    Then, it was just adding the silver polish again, waiting for it to dry (but not all the way), and buffing by hand. The goal was to get zero striations and achieve a mirror finish.

    Wash, rinse, repeat as it were, and you have the finished product.

    Probably one of the more involved finishing processes I've done to a a piece of machinery in a while, and in theory if the weapon were properly oiled on a regular basis if it were fired or not, the finish could hold in this manner. But, that just wouldn't do for the project.

    And yes, my arms feel like they're going to fall off and I can't feel my index fingers :cry:
  14. :shock: :shock: :shock: That is awesome looking!!! Very nice!
  15. great job man. I was a paint and body man for 25 years and had to do the same thing on auto parts several times, a lot of work but well worth it
  16. ????????????!

    (an automatic translation of 'Beautiful!', which may or may not be contextually correct).

    I like the idea of brass, as you had previously indicated interest in steampunk. I don't know what problems with heat you may have, but of course brass will also require a heat-resistant clear finish, which chrome will not.

    Regardless of how you choose to proceed, keep us posted with pix, as this sounds like a VERY interesting project.
  17. Try to find a private chromer locally to you. Speak to the auto/motorcycle restoration guys. Should be a bumper/wheel/molding chromer somewhere near you.

  18. griff30

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    wow! now hard chrome that! I would do a ATI stock with a flame job!
  19. neothespian

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    No no no.....no polymers going on THIS gun! As was stated before, we're going Steampunk on this. Think a Jules Verne novel or "Leauge of Extraordinary Gentlemen". This gun's getting a full Sedona Redwood stock (either the actual wood, or if I cannot mill one, a stain to simulate), Brass hardware, a chromed or clear heat enameled finish, and all leatherwork and soft goods in a nice exotic hide (Right now it's a toss up between Ostrich or Aligator).

    AND, if I somehow find time, there will be a custom box made to keep it too.

    As far as "Local" plating, there simply ISN'T one!!! When I say that I'm in a pretentious ski village who doesn't give a goram damn about the outside world, I'm not kidding. There is ONE powder coater, and he doesn't do plating. The next closest one is in Prescott, which is about 80 miles away. BUT, he doesn't do firearms work.

    There are plenty in Phoenix, but that's anywhere from 120 to 150 miles away. A shame to be sure, but this might just be the thing to force me to learn more. I'm experimenting with enamles and glazes to see what holds up to heat the best in order to coat the entire barrel assembly without having to chrome. I've found several automotive and race/show quality compounds that might work well for this. The brass plating will be done on accents (Magazine, trigger, cleaning rod, buttplate and barrel securing rings). So, I may be brave and order the EZ Brass plating 2 ounce kit from online. If all else fails, I simply rebuff and start over.
  20. AndrewST

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    Going to be one amazing looking gun when it is all done. I would go with the ostrich leather myself, looks a lot nicer than gator.