Pimp My Rifle: The OFFICAL website!

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    Hey, it's free web hosting. All graphics edited and designed by my girl, and she is even adding her own column on the site! Will post pics up there as on this site as things progress. It's all a work in progress since we're both busy with work.
  2. I'll be keeping tabs on it. Good luck with the site!

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    Coolness Maximus!

    Props to the Artmistress!
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    you beat me to it :cry: I was going start a ight with that name for my 995. best of luck to you though. Now to find a voodoo priest.... :roll:
  5. Looks cool neo. I bookmarked it for later refrence
  6. Bookmarked and link forwarded to my brother, who likes steampunk. We'll both be anxiously awaiting updates!

    One comment: black text on gray or dark red is HARD to read.
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    Heh..I thought it was just me. Then again, when you're colour blind you tend to be ignored when you ask about stuff like that.

    I'll forward the suggestion.
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    omg i've seen it all now.
  10. Not 'color'(tm) blind, but 57 years old. Same -- or similar -- problem. :D