Pimping a Mosin, Bull barrel....

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    Ok, don't brand me for this you purists.
    I was thinking of customizing a Mosin with a nice stock and found a 30 cal barrel blank for reasonable cost http://www.midwayusa.com/eproductpage.exe/showproduct?saleitemid=121851
    I would need a custom free float stock and scope and bent bolt, custom trigger, JEBUS it adds up, but I have spent more on a Ruger 10/22 for fun.

    What do you guys think? Is it worth it for a cheap tack driver?
  2. Me think Ivan will hunt you down and smack ya around a bit if you go and Bubba up his Mule Kickin Mosin! :twisted:

  3. 47_MasoN_47

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    For the money why don't you just buy a Berret .50 or a Draganov or something haha. I guess you could do all that stuff for fun, but it seems more practical to just buck an already azz-kick-a-rific gun.
  4. If its a M38 and it has a M38 stock on it be my guest, and I will even take the stock off of your hands for you ;)
  5. Hmmmm....
    Sounds like a fun project if you're doing it for the fun. of it, but as others have said, if you're trying to make a different rifle out of a Mosin, there are ready made ones. IMHO :)
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    As many cheap shots as I am likely to get for saying this, I like wood. just something about taking a classic like that and putting polymer around it... Unless its beat to hell or something, you could spend the money elsewhere and keep it real. Ivan is surely watching, but it is your rifle, after all.
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    Wait I didnt say anything about a crap synthetic stock, the stock I want is the "Tack Driver" model [​IMG]
    From Richards Microfit Gunstocks, Inc.

    They have stock of all kinds and laminates though its 16 week wait for the Mosin unless you take what they have listed in the special offers section.
    See, I wanted to use the Mosin Nagant action with a bull barrel in that stock above.
    Ivan be damned! $70 for a high powered action is a bargain for a custom long gun.
    For those upset about modifying a Milsurp, It's not a collectors item guys, your fooling yourself if you thing a gun that has been as cheap as $60 will be worth alot in your lifetime. I doubt you could get $100 out of a mint Mosin in 50 years. I don't expect a bull barreled Mosin with custon stock to worth more than the parts either. Although, I expect to take out A LOT of bulls eyes and maybe deer with a high powered tack driver with fun surplus ammo to play with.
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    For some reason I cant get the URL to work and debug is still there when I try to post, but there is a brief ad for meeting ARAB SWINGERS???? WTF??
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    my bad, laminate wood is more acceptable. Shoulda checked th link. That looks really nice. I stand corrected.
    yeah, that crap pops up every so often. That's why we have a donation button now, I think.
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  11. Krippp beat me to it, its not the money its the history that you ruin.

    I collect ancient coins, and not all of them are expensive.

    But when for example you take that 20 buck coin and drill a hole in it for a chain, you just destroyed a coin that Julius Caesar may have payed his troops with.