Pink Guns A Bad Idea?

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    I heard this on CNN[Communist News Network] yesturday The guy there was talkinig about pink guns with Hello Kitty and flower stickers all over them and painted pink and he was having a bird over it as "IT was dangerous and a kid would think it was a toy and kill someone" and "The police will think a kid with a toy pink gun is holding a real gun and shoot them. " and his stuff.
    Apperently a congress critter want anoither gun law that says only the EVIL gun can be EVIL black
  2. Well I can see there problem with it although I think it is stupid. If some one wanted to paint it green noone would have a issue. Just another thing the anti gun people can whine about!!!

    Well that is one problem I wont have I dont see myself painting any of my guns pink lol..

  3. interesting take on it BUT a pistol in the reach of any child is the owner and parents fault. Doesnt matter what color it is as there are more toy guns in black then pink by far, and once it's in the childs hands, nothing good can come of it.
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    Geez, if they're going to paint them with images and colors that typically appeal to children, they may as well throw in a pack of smokes with each sale while they're at it.
  5. Sniff Sniff... Joe Camel is no longer...
  6. Everytime I go to the gun show and see the little pink stock Chipmunk I want to get it for my Granddaughter .
  7. Space

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    If Kids aren't supposed to have access to your guns, how is this an issue? Keep em' locked up. :roll:

  8. Evil Black, just how I like 'em! I think pink guns are hideous, but if it gets my wife to the range more often, I can deal with it.
  9. Hideous they may be, but now govt wants to tell us what color guns we may own...
  10. Just teach you little girls to stay away from hello kitty. Problem solved.
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    as coincidence would have it i found a joe camel 8 ball rolling around in the bottom of one of our pool tables yesterday when i was changing a slate. cosmic...

  12. cool is that, I have my old ashtray around here somewhere, looks like a smashed pack of camel smokes.
  13. Somewhere around the house I have a deck of Joe Camel playing cards. He was the man LOL

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    I got a tin box of of matchs with Joe Camel on em
  15. Ok, going from pink guns to Joe Camel.... How'd that happen, all in the span of about 7 posts?
  16. Lemme know if you wanna put any of the joe camel stuff up in PIF!
  17. Sorry Taurus, the boss said she is keeping ahold of them, She is a big Joe Camel fan too
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    Joe Camel is all about the pink man, c'mon now, you should know that!

    He's a real man, haha
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    And when a Law Enforcement Officer hesitates in shooting because the perp's gun is pink and is killed by that gun, or if he/she shoots someone pointing that pink gun at them and it turns out to be a toy, then what?
  20. My cousin nearly shot a teenager cause he pointed an airsoft gun at him, refused to drop it when my cousin drew on him and yelled, then pulled the trigger. He said hed already started pulling the trigger to return fire, and had to put his thumb under the hammer on its way down to stop the firearm from discharging (which, he mentioned, took off a good portion of skin). Anyone who isn't a kid and points anything resembling a weapon at a cop and doesn't drop itwhen told to deserves what he gets. Its darwin in motion. Idiots who color over the red tips and all that give up their right to the benefit of the doubt.