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    I sent my Jhp in to be repaired, because of lite firing pin strikes, or would not fire at all. After waiting over a month I called "Mom" they said it could not be fixed and they would be sending me a new pistol
    Strike 1- they never notified me of this, if I did not call, I never would have known.
    Strike-2 I emailed them my dealers FFL info, after another 3 weeks of hearing nothing, I called again, the had no record of it, when I told the tech it was in the email he located it finally. He said it would be shipped ASAP.
    Strike 3- its been another 2 weeks and nothing, no notification to me or my FFL dealer. At this point I am so done waiting on "Mom" to get their crap together and get me my 45.
    Is this typical?? Just about done with a gun and company I have loved for years.
    Oh ya and I am not getting back my 2 flush fit mags and Mahan site either.
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    You sure you sent it to the right company?
    That is very untypical of MOM to operate that way.
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    Still got two more outs to end the inning.
  4. Now that you mention it, there was a little bit of a round-robin with last 995 that I’d sent in. After they had it for 2-3 weeks Mom deemed it unrepairable, requested FFL documentation from me, and it took another couple of weeks for my replacement gun to arrive. It appeared to me I was dealing directly with a tech (not a CSR person) and it wasn’t as smooth as my past experiences had been. I wasn’t concerned and caulked it up as just “one of those things” that happens now and then, I got my replacement carbine and was happy in the end.

    As for your modded mags and Mahan sight- that sux but IMO, that one’s kinda on you, shoulda pulled them off; a factory is going to service a firearm back to the original OEM condition. I’ve NEVER shipped a gun to a factory service center that wasn’t un-modded back to factory spec. Smith&Wesson and Roger will remove/replace non-factory parts as well and never return ‘em.
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    Yup, sent to the right place, talked to the tech who worked on my gun. The time is bad enough, the lack of communication when they have my phone #, my email , and address? Does it take 2 weeks to ship a gun from them?
  6. I don’t know why it took that long, but yeah, two weeks.
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    no one is 100%, 100% of the time. Your experience was pretty much the exact opposite of mine. When I screwed up my carbine they were super fast getting it fixed and back to me, customer service was awesome. I recently bought an extra TS stock to modify with an adjustable AR-style stock, and the thing came without the clips to hold the receiver bolts in. One phone call and had new clips and pins in just a couple of days.

    My experience with MoM has been extremely excellent, sorry yours wasn't.
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    Strassell is in charge now. That may be what's happening.
  9. Firearm replacement may be more of the issue versus firearm service. Sounds the same, but now Mom has to replace a gun, get the FFL info, it’s definitely more of a PITA for all parties involved.
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    They could be behind on production, just throwing out another possibility.
  11. Maybeso they are so busy building 1095's that rest of company is backed UP...

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    They are still faster than a lot of companies. We just get spoiled when they are faster.
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  13. That’s very true. Browning had my High Power for nearly two and a half months.
  14. moona11

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    They are not responsible for after market parts. Would you send after market parts on any other gun to the manufacturer NO nO ands NO.
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    Got bad Karma?

    I've had good service too.
    True... it was not instant... 4-5 weeks.
    I send a Remington back... two months.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I heard S&W sucks big-time.
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    They do - at least when I sent my SD9 in, they did. Two months, then no list of what was wrong or what was fixed. Like the gun well enough, CS sucked that time
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    I would think replacement of a firearm is a lot more complicated than just repair. Line may be configured for a different model. Replacement receiver without serial number needs to be found , then old serial number put on new firearm, destroy old firearm, etc.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Do they melt the frame and remove the hidden serial number, then cast it into the new frame?
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    They don't re-use the old serial number plate or restamp it on a new gun. They give you a new gun with a new serial number.
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