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    Send one to Taurus.

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    H/P told me 6 mo ago when I sent my C9 back for the 2nd time that if they had to replace the gun it would be with a new s/n. (Just a guess... old gun and s/n would then be listed as destroyed by mfgr?)
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    I thought members used to report getting new gun with their old serial number on it. Otherwise I would think it would need to go through a FFL?? Anybody?
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  5. It used to be that way (when Tom Deeb owned Beemiller) but that does not seem to be the case with Mike Strassell’s ownership. ATF rules could have changed as well...

    How do I know? I got a new 995 with my old serial # under Deeb and a new 995 with a new S/N (FFL required) under Strassell.
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    sure they did. It's part of the standard warranty agreement. they can repair or replace at their discretion. Replace is apparently their discretion of this time. How is this a bad thing? You get a completely new gun.

    yeah, it sounds like someone screwed up there. So you're up to one strike in actuality.

    I bought an original Remington R51. You're going to complain about a couple weeks of turnaround time? What's the turnaround time on something like a Taurus? The turnaround time that you are describing is not all that horrible to be fair.

    Sounds like you're just a little bit spoiled by the usual better than better service. That's understandable but the service you have received so far has not been all that bad.

    Again, that is part of the usual service warranty agreement. Any modifications or extras that you put on you don't necessarily get back. That is standard for every manufacturer. The usual paperwork says to take off any special doodads that you put on before you send it in for service work. I'm sorry that you're losing cool stuff that you paid for him put work into but that is hardly the fault of the warranty service. I'd be pissed too in your position but it would still not be their fault.

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    Yep, that is what Mom told me too. If repaired by mfgr they can send back to owner. If new with dif s/n it had to go through a FFL and the change of ownership drill.
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    This is true. Any of you people have to deal with Taurus CS within the last couple of years? I mean Damn! :eek:
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    So it will cost a transfer fee and background checks.
  10. They've gone right down the poop chute.
    Sorry to say, but yup. And if yer in a state like mA$$achusetts with one of those damn "kompliant lists", you'd best hope the gun is on said list, 'cause otherwise, the FFL may not transfer it. I lost one that way... had to sell it to an out-of-state FFL.
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    I hear they are building in GA, or LA. As much money as I have in the G2, and my 709? I'll destroy them or file them away and buy another.
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    Wow, that sucks. Glad I don't live there.
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    it was a production issue, the were out of frames, the sent the new gun with my flush fit mags, new gun has ramp polished, back of chamber around firing pin polished and inside of barrel polished. New grips are stippled now too. I am very happy, the wait was worth it. THANK YOU MOM
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    It's the wind up. MoM leans in over the plate. And the pitch. Oh My! She really got a piece of that one. It's going.. going.. GONE!! They'll be picking that one out of a fans windshield.

    They return your Mahan Sight?
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    Hipoint and Charter Arms have the best CS .. I have ever dealt with ...
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