Pissed Off at Shield Tactical post on Facebook Disparaging HiPoints

Discussion in 'General Hi-Point Discussion' started by mt4design, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. mt4design

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    Never started a thread here before. I haven't actually been around in awhile.

    My first generation 9mm Hi Point carbine was my first purchased rifle. I still have it.

    Just a heads up.

    I saw a post on Facebook today that pissed me off.


    They posted a YouTube video they think is funny.


    I'd like to see them receive some reaction from actual Hi Point experts.
  2. SWAGA

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    Well, it's a free country and you're free to take your business elsewhere.
    Kind of funny that it takes a .50 cal to break a C9
    Kind of a testament to their strength.
    That video does have some pro hipoint comments.

  3. mt4design

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    They deleted my Facebook comments. Oh well.
  4. panoz77

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    I don't do tactical facebooking.
  5. mt4design

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    Originally, I began following them because their owner was doing a ride for our Marine held in Mexico.

    I should have known something was up when the Marine's mom told him to get lost.

    I'm banned from posting comments, etc., on their page now.

    No loss.

    The guy makes money selling classes and weapons and used the inexpensive nature of a Hi Point as a tool to "up sell" his students. I'm in advertising so I get it.

    But, he didn't like being called on it.
  6. I want nothing to do with NSABook.
  7. geekandwife

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    Takes 2 shots from a 50 cal and I bet Mom would still fix it up...
  8. bscar

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    Funny how people call them on some of their stuff and they claim "entertainment value" or something.

  9. TeaSipper

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    Doesn't bother me. Suppose they do the same with Glock and the Glock fan boys will be in an uproar.

    Get over it.
  10. lklawson

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    If he convinces people that the HP Carbines suck, there may be more for me. I might be able to buy a used one at a less than MSRP NIB price. :p

    Peace favor your sword,
  11. Glock will not give them a new gun after they intentionally damage it. Mom will.

    Heck Mom is so accommodating they would probably replace the 50 cal rounds also.
  12. TeaSipper

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  13. tommy20/69

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    damn he shot it the regular way he shot it side ways he even shot it upside down and it still fired every round. i have some pricy guns in my collection and i have almost every highpoint they make and my favorite ones to shoot is the highpoints. plus i don't mind letting friends shoot them because if they drop it all i have to do is ship it to mom and bam it's new again.
  14. mt4design

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    The point this guy made over and over was that he has people bring them to "class" and they don't ever finish with them but he posts nothing regarding why.

    I suspect his goal as a retailer is to up sell them by badmouthing HiPoint but he isn't honest about his motives.

    I asked him about if he would/could offer an alternative to HiPoint within the same budget. He didn't answer.

    I asked if he was a manufacturer and if he was would/could he bring a product to market within the same budget range so those without large sums could still purchase and protect their families. He didn't answer.

    He never addresses the lifetime warranty of HiPoint other than deflecting or attacking.

    I was going to ask if he offered a lifetime warranty on anything he builds, but he banned me from his page before I could.

    This guy has managed to build a following on FB due to his "support" of the Marine who is being held in Mexico. He's building brand awareness capitalizing on the misfortune of a hero and when I called him on doing something similar in disparaging an American company he continued to try to say it was all "just fun entertainment".

    The guy is no hero, he's a tool.
  15. TeaSipper

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    That he is. There's another guy in a video talking about his dislike to HiPoint and proceeded to put 'em to the torture test. After all that he changed his mind. He like 'em.

    IIRC it was Nutnfancy but I'm not sure.
  16. mt4design

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    Nutnfancy did, yes. There are some others too much more knowledgeable than this guy who put them in mud, drove cars over them, etc., and they all continued to function flawlessly.

    I have a variety of rifles, etc., but I still love my HiPoint 995. I upgraded to the TS stock and it still performs great.

    To me, a HiPoint is like an AK, tough as nails and reliable as hell but not as expensive as some of the high priced tactikool stuff out there.

    What some snobs don't get is they can spend $3000 on an expensive piece but they can get taken down with the cost of a single bullet ... perhaps one fired from a HiPoint.

    Found a couple I was thinking of... Iraqveteran8888 and his buddies try their best to not like it but in the end...



    In this video they go over some of the damage they caused trying to "blow this gun up" and they just couldn't do it.

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  17. bws

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    I forget where I read this, so I can't give the author credit, but I'd rather have a Hi-Point in my hand than a Glock on lay away.
  18. RobbK

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    Meh no reason to get angry people have the right to be stupid in fact guys like these HELP keep hi point prices low and product fairly easy to find.
    Most folks I know have a firearm brand they just hate. For me its Glock I do not care how good they shoot I will never EVER own one, but i will support any ones right to own one even if I tease them about having one.
    Best thing to do is let it roll off your back you will not convince true haters and that's just the way it is.
  19. I don't hate any inanimate object, I own three Glocks. I do not like fanboys though, and it seems to be a disease with some Glock owners. Some people just hate anything they have no control over or does not fit their niche. And it drives control freaks crazy just to ignore them and keep on keeping on.
  20. bscar

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    1: Maybe he mocks and ridicules the owners until they leave the class; they just need to stop taking things personally, though.

    2: Maybe when they take a break, he sabotages the gun so they'll buy the higher priced guns he sells. "oh well, that's what you get for buying a cheap piece of junk. Here, buy this $1300 1911, it's 13 times better than that junk you came in with"

    3: They really DO have a problem with the gun and buy something he sells.

    4: They realize the dude is a douchenozzle and they leave