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  1. 90% of HP Pistol problems when new can be traced to lack of breakin! IE, springs too stiff.
    Go ahead, take it to the range when new and shoot it. If you recieve failure to feed problems of ANY kind, take it home and load the mags FULL. Leave them full on the shelf for TWO WEEKS before you try it again. This will soften the factory springs a bit and greatly improve the function! Also, when you do get back to shooting it, after you load a mag, tap the rounds to the back of the mag. Press on the rim of the top cartridge to ensure that the rounds are nose up in the mag.

    These things alone toook my C9 to 100% feed reliabiltiy with ZERO mag lip tweaking ans no ramp polishing!
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    I agree with you to a point, everyone I have known with a weapon that used it for duty/ work purposes, always went and shot rounds to break in.

    When it comes to proving hi points are crap, the glockenstein people start screaming this is false. I pick up my new S&W next week, first thing, going to pop 150 rounds through it.
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    All 3 mags for my C9 are constantly loaded to the max and have been for over 3 years. I tap the mag against my hand to seat the rounds and I've shot hundreds of rounds through it to the point where the paint on the feed ramp is mostly worn off. Still jams with WWB ammo. However Freedom Munitions reloads seem to work fine in it.
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    find an ammo that works and stick with it.
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    Allowing a breakin period and keeping mags fully loaded is advice well taken. My JCP was a bit unreliable when new and this regimen cured it. Thanks for posting!
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    Semiauto pistols are just finicky in general. Some more than others. Every semi auto I have fired has had at lest one jam.
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    I always take any new semi-auto, pistol or rifle, to the range asap and run at least 100 rds through it. Tapping the mag has been around for many years.
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    I try to at least clean them first but sometimes i am just so excited i can't wait.

    Dave4903 have you fired a lot of semi auto pistols?
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    I haven't shot nearly as many as some here and not that many high end pistols. The ones I can remember are a lot military 1911s by Remington and Colt from a while back. More recently Citadel 1911s, Walther PK380, Bersa Thunder, HiPoints, S&W Shield, S&W SDVE series, and Beretta 92. I don't own these, except the HiPoint, most are owned by friends and some i would rent at the range. I would have to say the most trouble free semi auto for me has been the Beretta 92, which i shoot pretty regularly.
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    thanks i was curious. my wife inherited an n frame smith and wesson model 28 and its started me down a dark road towards the wheelgun I am slowly becoming a convert. I almost feel comfortable enough with my lcr to make it my daily carry gun.
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    I like wheelguns too. I like their simplicity and reliability. If I am injured and had to shoot with my weak hand, I would not want a gun that would jam because of limp wristing.
  14. After thought... another thing I did for my mags was to sand the underside of the lips, removing any stamping burr and making them smoother.
    This helped a great deal, especially with full mags when the spring is fully loaded. When my mags were new, the top round or two would come out with cuts in the rim of the brass from tension and the sharp edges of the lips.

    Used 800 grit wet/dry paper.