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  1. Hi all. PCC's got my attention not too long after I bought my first gun last December. Since I'm new to this forum here's an intro as far as my firearms experience (or lack thereof:() goes. If I bore you with this novel then fine :p, but maybe this can be helpful for someone either just starting out with guns or even exploring the PCC market for the first time:

    Being in the USAF I only shot the M16 a handful of times. Qualified each time but wasn't exactly an expert marksman. Knew for a while that I should get a gun but kept putting it off. After all the BS that took place late last year, especially that "knockout game", it finally hit home that I NEED to be armed. I have a martial arts background and own knives, bats, etc. and while they have their place I couldn't deny that I need to get to the point where I can not only carry a gun (legally of course) but know how to be responsible and competent with it. Until December I had never operated a handgun in my life, and I'm in my mid 30s. So I decided to take the safety class offered by one of the stores/ranges here in Vegas. After the class I visited the shop, rented a Glock 19 and got private instruction for half an hr. Bought a G19 right away at the suggestion of the "gun guys" at my job. Unfortunately I had to wait 3 days before I could come back and pick it up :mad:...whatever. Finally picked it up and got right to it. Took 2 more private sessions just to make sure I feel comfortable enough to operate it on my own and after that I got a range membership. Did the CCW class a couple weeks after that, qualified, submitted the paperwork, prints, etc. to the sheriff's office and exactly 88 days later I got my permit in the mail. Apart from the painfully long wait for my CCW I've been fortunate to be able to visit the range regularly (3-5 times a week on average) and improve as much as possible with stationary paper targets. Always made a point to dry practice at home as well. I've also built up a decent (IMO) gun collection, while selling a couple which I decided weren't for me. Thankfully I haven't gotten into a situation where I would need to defend myself or anyone innocent, but I make it a point to remember the CCW instructor's advice to always be ready because "This could be the day." That's my story in a nutshell so far. Through it all I'm happy to say my dad, at 75 yrs old, has also gotten into shooting after seeing how seriously I started to take it. Despite his back and knee issues he's still able to make it to the range with me on a regular basis.

    Now, on to the subject:). Within the last month and a half I've been able to pick up 3 PCC's: a Kel Tec Sub 2000 (9mm, S&W Model 59 mags) in early April, a Beretta CX4 (9mm, 92FS) 3 weeks ago, and the HP 4595ts last week. Safe to say that the 4595ts is what brought me to this forum:). I'm looking to post my review/comparison soon, which will be more complete than the condensed one below. It'll mostly be for the novice crowd or anyone who has yet to own but is considering buying one, but the more experienced can feel free to benefit from or trash it as you see fit;). For now I can say that, while all 3 have their strengths and weaknesses, all are a joy to shoot! One drawback is that if you're like me, all you want to shoot are PCC's (or any rifle for that matter) but you neglect or don't spend as much time as needed on handguns. I took the 4595 out to the range last Monday, and after 100 rounds of pure fun I took out my 1911....which I shot horribly! It's usually the pistol I'm most accurate with along with my CZ P07, but on that day I was flinching badly with it. Maybe it's because I'd already shot 100 rds through the 4595, but can't make excuses so it's back to the drawing board for me lol!

    Here are some early quick stats and stuff for the 3 PCC's as far as my experience:
    Sub2K: approximately 400 rounds, no malfunctions
    CX4: approx 250 rounds, no malfunctions
    4595ts: 150 rounds, two failures to feed within the first 50 rounds; used WWB for the first 100, went back to the range the next day and used 50 rounds of PMC with no malfunctions

    Easiest to use: CX4 because you can switch the charging handle and ejection port to benefit lefties such as myself, and it's still easy to get a sight picture if you use earmuffs as hearing protection; I'd call it a tie for second between the HP and Sub because with the HP it was difficult at first to pull the bolt all the way back to chamber a round though it got easier on the second day, and to me operating the Sub is as easy as it gets but I have to knock points off because it's almost impossible to line up the sights while keeping the ear protection completely on. I find myself adjusting way more with the Sub than with the others.

    Looks: I may be the only one who thinks the HP is a beautiful gun (and I'm ok with that, after all it's my review lol) but I simply love the look of the HP, and I'm not saying that just because this is a HP forum...ok so maybe it's beautiful in an ugly way (or ugly in a beautiful way, idk) but for me the HP wins this one; the Beretta's a close second because the look of it simply says that it's a high quality gun; I guess the Kel Tec looks the way it does so that it allows for the ease of storage that it's made for, and I don't mind the looks of it at all because people will say that it's just a toy but I think it's one of the coolest ideas out there

    Fun factor: This may be like apples/oranges because I enjoy shooting 45's more than 9's, but here it's the same order as "Looks". 4595ts gets top billing, CX4 a close second, and Sub2K is third, with one reason being that target acquisition for me takes longer than the others. With both the Hi Point and Beretta, lining up the sights is a breeze, then all you have to do is blast away :D

    Hope that helps. If not then I'll try to do better next time. Happy shooting!
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    You are definitely hooked! Welcome again.

  3. Thanks DW, yes I'm hooked! Though I will say that apart from getting a HP pistol (C9 most likely) just to see for myself how they perform, I'm satisfied with what I have now tha I picked up the 995. Of course it wouldn't be a surprise if I pick something up at the gun show next month lol! But for the first time since buying my first gun I feel content with what I have. The CZ and Glock 30 are bada$$es, the Sig is perfect for summer clothes, I have all the PCC's that I wanted, and even though I haven't shot it yet I have an AK. Besides it's a good time for me to stop buying guns for a while because I'm about to buy my coworker's motorcycle, so there's one other thing that hooked me lol! Have a good one.
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    I'd say you have a well rounded stable LOL.. now its all about the ammo!
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    2SO - any issues with the mag release on the HP? Like you, I'm a south paw and I'm looking to get on this summer, but I'm not sure about the location of the mag release. It looks like it may be really to "bump" this during the firing cycle which could be more than just an embarrassment. Your experience (or any other lefty, for that matter) would be welcome.
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    I haven't had any problems with the mag release. The only issue with carbines is you have to make sure that the mags are completely seated in the magwell. It seemed to be more of an issue with the 995ts than with the 4595ts. The 40 and the 45 have the extension on the mags, the 9mm mag resesses a little.
  7. no collection of PCC's is complete without an M1 Carbine. That might be the last gun I'd ever let go,
  8. Histed, sorry for the late reply. I've actually never had a problem accidentally bumping the mag release on any gun. And I've never felt a need to switch the button to the other side because using my middle finger to press the button has worked just fine. Hope that helps, just let me know if you have any other ???'s.
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    I'll definitely get one, if you can recommend a matching handgun... :D
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    Ruger, Taurus and AMT among others all made one. Ruger making it again in a new Blackhawk.

    New Blackhawk Buy One

    Model 30C (Raging Thirty)
    .30 Carbine caliber, 10" barrel. Stainless steel only.

    AMT Automag III
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    NE Utah
    That was easy...
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    I'm thinking about that Inland Paratrooper model :D
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    The AMT Raging Thirty also doubled as a flamethrower. It looks like you are shooting a howitzer.
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    The Raging Thirty is a Taurus.
  15. planosteve

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    AMT made 30 also and trust me it raged.