Pistol Cases at Big 5 for $10!!!

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  1. If you live near a Big 5 sporting goods, they have pistol cases for 10 bucks!!!, I was able to fit my HP .40 and my Megastar in there no problem!!!


  2. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    hehe i have a few of those also they had them on sell for 6.99, i bought 3 then 2 weeks later they had them for 5 bucks :/

    last time i went to the range a lot of people had them also :)
    they seem to be nice study cases for the money.

  3. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    I bought a similar case for my XD back at the gun show for $5, so Im happy :)
  4. For those near the ATL, Adventure Outdoors always has a shopping cart of these outside the front door for the same price. We don't have Big 5's here, so....
  5. wow, nice. the same one sells around 19 bucks over here.