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Pistol grip vs carbine grip

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Will the 45 acp pistol grip fit the carbine?
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Cusaine, if you're wanting a better slip-proof grip, just get a "large" grip sleeve to go over the carbine's grip/mag hold. I'm using a Uncle Mike's finger groove sleeve on my JCP (40cal) for past 7+ years and it's held up great and given better, larger grip for my hands, so the carbine's will be no different
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I didn't know Uncle Mike's made grip sleeves for HP carbines. I've got a Hogue grip sleeve on my 1095ts. I've either used Hogue grip sleeves or Hogue grips on most of my fire arms.
Spyder, the Uncle Mike's grip sleeves are actually just a universal grip sleeve like most all others. Found at Walmart many years ago. I don't remember whether it was the large or X-large size according to the guns it listed on the back card info. I think I looked what Glocks used due to popularity and if they had a double stack magazine in a 40 and 45ACP ammo size.

Nothing wrong with using a Hogue grip sleeve. They're well-known name and product. I've got products in both Hogue and Uncle Mike and found both to be quality and dependable.
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