Pistol magazines not fully ejecting

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  1. Just what the title says. I press the magazine release button, hear the *pop*, but only a slight moving of the magazine. The magazines used to shoot right out. Any experiences with this, guys?
  2. I have the same problem but it only happens when the mag is full if its empty it falls out like in the movies :mrgreen: I been thinking bout putting some jigaloo lightly on the mag to see if it frees things up if that fails im gonna call HP and see if there is anything I can do

  3. That's exactly what happens...I can always practice my "grip-n-rip" technique, but I want to make sure that there is a good reason for this.
  4. I had that problem with only one mag. I polished the mag and never had a problem again.
  5. Dru, can you elaborate? How did you polish?
  6. Something like spray it with wd40 and polish with 1000 grit sandpaper and clean off and try and repeat until it works properly
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    im not sure where you can buy it but at an old job we had this industrial use teflon sray that worked wonders on just about anything you can think of. putting this stuff on your mags would probably do the trick..... if you can find some.

    other things to think about... are your grips inserted correctly, once i managed to get the grip on but it wasnt sitting in the slots right and i noticed that the mag was stiff when i went to correct the problem... check out the tabs on the inside of the grip to make sure they arent causing some friction. the only other thing i can think of is that maybe the mag is slightly tweaked or the inside of your gun may need a good cleaning?
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    I had a small nick of plastic in my mag well. I smoothed out and that helped..
  9. Good suggestions, all. I will check on the above, and I have already cleaned them up with CLP, which didn't remedy the problem. I'll take a flashlight to the mag well, and see if I notice anything.
  10. Thats what i used. I have also used a silocon spray. works great.
  11. I would start like Ari said and look inside the mag well and make sure there is not a plastic burr that is the problem first. Makes sense to me.
  12. Hey Srben I fixed mine what I did was put a round in the mag and then squeeze the front of the mag where the bullet is ever so slightly so its very close to the bullet and the back of the mag well I bent in the rest of the mag on the back so it touches the casing all around and now they fall out with no problem weather its full or empty now I can be an action movie star since my mags fall out 8)
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    also check your mag safety bar and make sure there isnt aburr there as well. its under the handgrip panel. I had one that did what yours did and there was a imperfection in the bar that dragged ont he mag.

  14. that was the problem with mine. i had my c9 for awhile but only fixed it now. it didnt bother me until i re-read this thread :D just took some sandpaper to it
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    I own a JHP: Never had a problem with the mags ejecting at all. Granted, that is a diff pistol than yours. 3 mags, same pistol....no problems with that particular problem.
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    I have the same issue with my C9, with only 150 rounds through it. i haven't taken off the grips or anything. When I noticed it when I was doing my reload drills I immediately saw it as an issue. I just kept working it, now it'll release fully and fall 3 out of 4 usually. When I'm home at night I'll take the c9 out of the case and just play with it to work the springs and things, I'll insert magzine release, insert magazine release, insert magazine etc...
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    I put some wd40 on my mags that were sticking and did the ole insert, release, insert, release. Now they just falls out when I hit the button.