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Welp, I decided last weekend that I needed to modify my Phoneix Arms .22 carry pistol. I have had some difficulty with target acquisiton due to how the sights were. It is a silver adjustable rear, with a black ramp on front. I decided to add a white dot to the front ramp, to help with aiming. Today, I took it out to the little practice range I set up next to the house.

Now, to properly explain, I have only had this pistol since January. It is a lot easier to conceal than my HP .40, and is a lot cheaper to shoot. Since January, I have put about 800 rounds thru this little thing, and got to where I preferred the Winchester hollow point bulk pack over the Federal bulk that the local MallWart carried. Well, I went to the local MallWart this week, as I had loaded the last eleven rounds of Win ammo in it after my last practice session, and they were out of my Win ammo that I normally buy. To be exact, the only bulk pack they had was a new Federal, that I had never seen there before.

Here is the Winchester I normally buy...

and here is the Federal the now carry...

Well, I was amazed at the difference in the shot patterns that I acheved witht the different brands..
Here is the Winchester shot pattern and grouping.

And the Federal.

Both patterns wre shot at 15 feet, and the tape I was using as an aiming point is exactly 2 inches high. I am going to do some tests with the new ammo in my .22 rifle, and see if I can notice the same difference in it. If so, I have just found a new ammo to keep in stock. Luckily, the MallWart just received 3 cases of it, so I might have to go stock up while I can.

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That Federal stuff is amazing, Wally World here is always out of .22 ammo, but one day when I was in there they had a couple of boxes of that stuff. It's significantly more expensive than other .22 ammo, but gah my Ruger 22/45 MKIII eats it like candy, and as elandil showed, it's dang accurate.

I haven't tried it in any of my .22 rifles or in my little Jennings to see how it compares in those.
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