Pistol mounted flashlights

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  1. I've seen pistol-mount flashlights in magazines. Are there any flashlights that'll mount to a JCP .40? Are flashlights model specific or will they mount to anything with a rail? I know HP makes lasers which i may consider but that's now what i'm looking for right now.
  2. Depends on your use. For home defense purposes, you probably don't want to mount it on your gun anyway: flashlights are bullet magnets. For home/self-defense purposes, you'll probably want a good flashlight and to use the "off hand" technique. Of course, if you're just shooting on your property in the country at night, or want it because it's "tacti-cool" (hey, we all do that, right?) it won't matter, and I'm sure you can find a light to fit on the rails. My advice would be to take your gun to the next gun show in your area (they'll make sure it's empty and lock it open with a tie at the door) and then go to the various vendor's booths and weigh your options. You're sure to find a good light at a better price than in a local shop, and without worrying about sending it back like you would if you ordered it online and it didn't fit. I hope this helps...

  3. that's the info i was looking for. thanks.
  4. I agree and disagree.....(wait can I do that???) I not strik this from the record lol.

    I prefer the light attached for the matter that I get to put both hands on the pistol if the worst should happen and someone decides that my house looks like the one to break into. Also when I wake up and get ahold of my pistol the light is there!!! One more thing to not have to grab...

    I disagree because if I want to see something I have to "flag" whatever I look at with a chambered pistol....... There was a great article on picking the right light in the Feb/Mar issue of Guns&Ammo HANDGUNS. PM me for the details.
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    I carry a Surefire it is small light and can blind a man at 400 meters LOL

  6. ...and you can hold it away from your body, so they don't just shoot at the light...I'm looking at those right now. How do you like it? Review it, man!