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  1. bscar

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    With my recent purchase of the Ruger 22/45 lite, I was thinking about getting either a small scope or maybe a red dot for it. I already have a red dot sight that I took off my shotgun before I got rid of it, but the idea of a small scope is kind of appealing, too.
    With the design of the pistol I don't have to worry about any slide movement, and since it's a .22, recoil won't be a factor either, and it comes with a picatiny rail already on top of it.

    Anyone have any recommendations? Not looking for a mile long, half inch group, just something for plinking around with
  2. histed

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    I had a 2X on a .22 revolver for a while, but I didn't care for it. Holding it steady off hand was nigh impossible and holsters (at that time) were a nightmare. HOWEVER, from a solid rest, using the right ammo, I had no problem popping bunnys at 50 yards- eve got a few head shots. For off hand work prefer a red dot, FWIW

  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I'm the same as histed, had a 2-7 on the S&W 22A, but that made it so heavy, it was hard to hold steady.

    Maybe on a rest or shooting stick for hunting, but for regular target or plinking, I stick with irons.