Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun?

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  1. As the thread in the lounge is talking about, we were discussing pros/cons of HD with a shotgun vs. a pistol. IMO, there is no answer. Every situation will have unique factors that will affect the choice. If I'm sweeping my apartment/house, I'm doing so with my GLOCK 27. If I'm barricading myself in my room and waiting for the police to arrive, shotgun's getting pointed at the door until the dispatcher over the phone tells me officer's are in the house and want me to unlock the door and I get a verbal confirmation. If there's rioting/looting and there are schmucks throwing molotov cocktails all over the place, and one of my SHTF buddies is with me, he'll be guarding the entrance with a shotgun and two sidearms, and I'm taking station in the window with my 4095, GLOCK, and 9mm pistol. Like I said, everything's relative, but in what I view as most likely (shattering of glass, burglar climbing in through window, I'm by myself), I'm going for my GLOCK 27 (arms reach, instant access), locking the door while remaining on guard, getting a shottie out of its case, and keeping that pointed at the door, GLOCK and spare mags on the floor so if I for some reason run out of shells I can grab that and not have to take the time to reload (I'm assuming if I'd fired the door was compromised and no longer secure). Nothing in my place outside my room thats worth risking getting myself potentially hurt or killed over. Now, if, say, I had the gf over and she somewhere else in the apartment when I heard the noise... grab the GLOCK, head into the corridor, find gf and tell her to high tail it into my room and then call the police while I cover her, and then join her in my room and barricade.
  2. the situation and whatever is within arms reach will dictate my choice of weapon. imo.. i will only use my hangun long enough to get to my 995 or marlin... my 995 with hollow points is my choice of weapon for interior home defense..

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    "Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun?"

    um....yes :)
  4. *sigh* there's one on every forum lol.
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    I have more than my wife and I to worry about in the house. The kids know that if the alarm goes off, to lock the doors, get in the closet and wait till I and only I come get them. We have practiced this drill several times and I'm confident they can do it under a stressfull stituation.
    Having explained my situation, I would be grabbing my 9mm pistol loaded with JHP and my flash light. The wife would be secure in the master BR with the 4095 while I clear the house room by room to get to the kids.
    Luckly, I live Kentucky where we now have the Castle Law. Simply put, I dont have to try to escape a possible conflict in my own home. I have full rights to down any possible treat to myself or others.
  6. I think it all depends. With "house clearing" I'l take anything short enough to use. Right now thats my pistol or shotgun. As soon as I can get a 995 or 4095 I'll use that since its shorter than said shotgun. As for a rifle I see that more as a barricad or open air defense.
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    One of the main reasons I traded my 12g for an HP 995 is because of how loud the 12g is. At the very BEST, you'd be deaf for several seconds after your first shot - so you couldn't hear the BG's homie busting in the window behind you, or knocking something over in the kitchen, etc etc.

    When Im 21 Ill have a handgun, probably a C9 / Comp, and will keep that with me at all times. Most likely, that is what Id be reading for if someone came in on me. For anything involving running for my life, Id have the pistol holstered and the 995 in hand.
  8. I have all three of course. I would use either pistol or shotgun for HD. either one will do well. For me the shotgun is the 12 ga. and the pistol is a .45. Although If I wouldn't hesitste to use the 9mm for HD if that's what I had my hands on. I wouldn't use a rifle for HD either.
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    Home defense gets the shotgun.
    I can open doors with it on (shoulder strap).
    I can use a variety of ammo with it.
    1st round flechette Bad guys wear vests too.
    2ed Round slug General purpose
    3ed round 00 buck General purpose

    The flechettes will penetrate a bullet resistant vest at any house hold range unless you hit a trauma plate. As for the noise that is why sitting over the pistol grip is a set of electronic ear muffs. When I crank the volume up I can hear better then I can without them. And for the record if you pull the trigger inside the house without hearing protection you can kiss about 15 to 20% of your hearing goodbye no matter what you are using.
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    I never got the point of all the alternating of shell types. How do you know you are going to get to hit every badguy 3 times in a row? Or how do you know you won't miss? How do you know that under that type of stress, you will even be concentrating on which bullet you have chambered? Realistically, what are the chances that your first shot will happen to be a guy with a vest on (and you don't miss), your second shot will be a BG hiding behind your couch (requires a slug - and again assuming that you hit), and your third shot will be a BG running right in your face that will take the 00BK? Even if you HAVE enough awareness to keep track of which shell is chambered, what are the chances that you will need one specialized round over another?

    I think a full magazine of 00BK would do the job just fine. If you are really concerned about vests, use all fletchets, or all slugs, etc. Though, I personally wouldn't use slugs in an urban environment.
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    I'd go for my grenades... who needs a house anyway? Frag'em!

    I'm in the "grab the closest weapon" group. I have a Sig 9mm and a Bersa Thunder (my newest acquisition for my CCW) within arms reach and my 995 and SKS within a few steps with a biometric safe.
  12. I would probably grab my pistol, but maybe the shotgun depending on the circumstances, I personally love the 12ga yes there loud if you have to use them, but in the middle of the night in a dark house the sound of racking a shell into the chamber may be all you need to clear your house :D
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    Sago, for the point of argument, try to search your home with your UNLOADED shotgun. However first you have to get a friend to pretend to be a burglar, after you UNLOADED your shotgun and put the shells away. Then your friend UNLOADS your shotgun and gives it back to you and you check again that its UNLOADED.

    Your friend gets a squirt gun full of water to shoot you with. :twisted:

    Then you go to your bedroom and wait for him to yell that he is ready. He can close any door he wants and can hide where ever he wants.

    When he yells simulating a break-in, you search. Let us know how wet you got before getting your shotgun pointed on target.
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    I felt the same way about my Win 1800 but the Saiga is much more maneuverable.

    I have a feeling this one would be especially so.

  15. Heck yeah, you could fire that as a pistol if you had to. It might hurt your hand, but if you are on target it would hurt the BG a lot worse.

    He is going to get hurt even if he tries to grab the barrel, you just jab him with it LOL
  16. My first choice would be my primary SD pistol that sits on the night stand when I go to bed. Right beside that is the 995. Either will do but my preference is the pistol.
  17. Jackpine I like the idea but I would suggest using something that is similiar in size to your shotgun and not actually using your shotgun. Maybe a piece of PVC or broom handle or even a toy gun. I never point a gun at another person loaded or unloaded unless I plan on stopping the threat. Sorry just the way I was brought up.
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    I prefer my bersa .380 over my maverick88 or my c9 simply because it is what i am most proficient with.

    I sleep with the bersa on the nightstand, so if a situation occurs during sleep that would be #1. However, if I am elsewhere in the apartment, I have my c9 and/or mav 88 where i can access them within seconds from anywhere in the apartment.

    So depending on where I am depends what I'll use.
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    No offense taken. There is a reason I stated three times to unload the shotgun (in all caps). The purpose of using the actual gun was to have him experience the real weapon's length, weight, etc. I should have also stated to leave the action open and the safety on. For practice I would agree to a training prop, but for the sake of this experiment I recomend the UNLOADED shotgun, as it has the sling and other items, if any, mounted on it.

    Take Care and Stay Safe.
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    You know, I found myself in a situation a few weeks ago. Around 3 am, my dogs (inside the house) started to go absolutely crazy. It turned out to be a false alarm, but it did teach me a valuable lesson about preparedness. Have a plan. I hesitated for a second on my weapon choice (12ga pump, sks, or JCP .40) as I groggily slipped out of my bed. I ended up grabbing a flashlight first along with the JCP .40 and went for a quick of the grounds. My point is, know what you're going to use before you have to use it.