Pistol Sighting

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  1. I have been trying to sight in my pistol for the past 2 days and I am lost I was told to rest my pistol on a pistol stand and fire a shot and use the tip of the front sight as to where I want my shot to go. another person told me to cover the 10 ring with the front sight and my shot will hit there every time. So my question is who is right or is there another better method of sighting in my pistol. By the way its a C9 Thanks
  2. Either way is correct, depends on you.
    I prefer to have my bullet impact at the top of the front sight.

  3. The 6 oclock hold, resting the target on top of the front sight, is more in tune with bullseye/target pistol shooting than defensive shooting. Pistols that use this type of sight picture generally have a non dot type blade front sight and it allows you to rest the target circle on top of the front post without being distracted by a big dot. When shooting for score this is they way to go because you can get a consistant sight picture on each and every shot.

    The two and three dot systems are more for defensive point shooting than precision shooting for scores. When looking at the sights the dots will jump out at you and be more prominate that a single blade, this allows you to place the front dot on your target and begin shooting. Defensive pistol shooting is all about the front sight, this is what they teach in 99% of all defensive shooting classes and its what works best in my opinion.

    So.. My C9 and Taurus are set up so the front dot covers Center Mass on the silouett. If I want to shoot for scores I use my 22/45 and use the 6 oclock hold for precision shooting.

    Really though, it all depends on what your preferences are. Try both methods and see what works best for you, then stick with it and practice, practice and practice some more.

  4. what rimfire said - pick one, keep it, practice it........... again, and again.
  5. I've heard this referred to as "lollipopping". Basically, military type weapons are supposed to use this as their sighting method. The reason for it being that the front sight won't hide your target. At 25 yds. I can hide a person size target with the front sight. If it's set up the other way, the target will be just above the front sight, and you'll always have a clear target. It's something to think about, but for defensive purposes, I probably won't be looking at the sights anyway. Just my opinion though...