Pistol Solution for your Safe

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    Hey guys searching online I couldn't find any pistol racks I liked to put in my safe. Most of them look like dish dryers for your kitchen countertop and look cheap and flimsy. I found this guy down in Florida Rick Venning and he makes these awesome pistol racks. They're wooden and he makes them for 2, 4, 7, 10, 12 and does custom orders as well. His prices are very reasonable and fair too considering the craftsmanship! Only $39 for the 4 pistol. Here's the link to his site, he's got a new company and I thought you all would definitely be interested in a new start-up American company making a quality product for us!

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    yeah I just order the four gun for myself, the seven for a friend and I'm sending another four gun to my brother down in Florida for a B-day gift. I can't wait to get it into my safe then I'll have to post some gun pron up on here haha
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    cuch86, where in jersey? I live in PA right now but am also a member at a range in jersey. It is the somerset county fish and game range....central NJ.....btw, I also have a JCP40 and a 22a
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    That looks very nifty. I don't have a safe, but it makes me want to buy one add a handle on it, and use it as a carry basket for range outings... ;)
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    I'm in Middletown which is like 15 minutes from the beach and Sandy Hook and I'm in the process of joining Lake Island in Carteret. It's mostly old timers from what my buddy tells me, he says at 42 he's probably the youngest in there so it should be interesting to see how they receive a 22 year old!