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  1. Was looking thru 2008 Guns & Ammo Buyers Guide nad noticed that no reviews of Hi-Point.
    Now for your info. got to looking at some weights of gun-snobs favorite guns.
    Going to give mostly .40S&W
    Browning Hi-power MarkIII - 35 ounces empty
    CZ 75 SP-01 - 41.6oz. empty
    Charles Daly 1911 A-1 - 38oz. empty
    Glock 22 - 23oz. empty
    Kahr K40 - 24.1oz. empty
    Kimber CustomII - 38-40oz. empty
    Ruger P94 - 43oz. empty
    Sig P220R - 31.2oz. empty
    S&W Model 410 - 28.5oz. empty
    Springfield Trophy Match - 38oz. empty
    Taurus PT24 - 27.2oz. empty
    Just some for reference and to let everyone know that HP are not as heavy as everyone thinks they are
    P.S. Edit
    The weight of the .40JCP empty is 32oz. That is according to Hi-Point's web site
  2. It's nice to know these weights, but you forgot to post the weights of the Hi-Points.... :shock:


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    another weight for the .40's...my sigma sw40ve is 29.7 oz.'s fully loaded

    my hi-point c9 is 33 oz's fully loaded
  4. an ounce here an ounce there to me it really doesnt matter ive gotten used to my c9. then again its the first pistol ive owned.
  5. hpman

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    .380 = 29oz
    9mm = 29oz
    9 comp = 35oz
    .40 = 32oz
    .45 = 35oz
  6. Some of those "name brand" pistols weigh as much as a brick!!!! :)
  7. I can tell the weight difference when carrying my guns I has a Hi Point C9 and a S&W sigma 40cal, the sigma is much lighter when you gotta carry it all day. But if I was to carry the C9 on my hip I don't think someone could notice a few more onces.