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    Hi there, i just turned 21 this past may im the exception to most people my age. I still haven't had a legal drink since I've been 21, i went and bought me a HP c9 9mm luger. I love the gun. I just have 2 questions..is there any possible way to make this gun LH? I don't care the casing ejects out of the right side however i would like the safety switch to be on the opposite side. My other question is where in the hell do i get a different trigger? Not plastic or polymer?
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    No way to swap the safety. Try using your trigger finger?:confused:
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    +1 that..... That's how I use it.
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    I'm a ambidextrous shooter from my military experience and I have shot my hi-point left handed. Not the easiest thing to get used to taking the safety off with your trigger finger.
  6. You will just have to adjust your style a little. I'm right handed but I shoot left handed with pistols and rifles. I've not had any issues really, just have to practice and use what feels most comfortable to you.

    *Fanboi plug of the day*

    Buy an M&P and you can switch the safety however you like. I switched all of my M&P's safeties and its much more comfortable now.:D

    *This ends the S&W fanboi comment of the day* :p
  7. There i squeezed a little more in there. Did i mention im also a S&W fanboi:D I just dont have enough money to join there forum :p