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  2. Looks like a good deal to me and seems to have a good feedback rating. I'd inquire as to the shipping costs and if all sounds good to go for it.

    PS: Moving this to the HP Pistol thread as you are not selling anything.

  3. thats basicly 150.00 each? plus shipping? sounds a tad steep to me?
  4. You can pick up a new .40 or .45 around here for a little over $130, no tax or fees.
  5. Pistols are pretty abundant around here (prices range from way cheap to outrageous). Carbines are a bit harder to find.... specially the 4095.
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    MSRP on the JCP is $186 and the JHP is $189
  7. Hey, the MSRP for my Witness is $489 bucks but I got it for $300 NIB. Key word, "sugested".
  8. It depends on the prices around where you are. It would be a good deal for me because there are not a lot of Hi Point pistols around my area. You do have to consider FFL fees and shipping though
  9. I float over the gunbroker daily. They generally have pretty good deals. Its funny how some of those guys really bash hi-point. But there are alot that realize the durability and reliability of HP.
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    around here they are $200 plus tax brand new so thats a pretty good deal.
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    in Summerville 380s & 9s sell for $179 and up

    40 & 45 sell for $249

    thats why I bought my 380 for $89 plus $20 S&H and my 45 for $105 plus $20 S&H on gunbroker.com
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    The .40 and .45 run right at 200 here now at the one shop that will actually carry them. They would cost me right at $460 to walk out the door with two of them here at a local shop, and $395 even if I had to pay two transfer fees by ordering them from this guy. Not an amazing deal, but $60 will buy a decent bit of ammo.

    I was just passing this along, I dont know the guy or have any interest if he sells them or not. Hi-point pistols are too bulky for me to carry, so I wont be buying one regardless of price.