Pizza Hut? Not again for me!

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  1. Sorry if this has been posted and I missed it...

    Pizza Hut, one of the leading prepared food delivery franchises, just lost any business they may have received from me after they punished a deliver man for defending himself after he was set up and held at gun point. The driver, who by the way holds one of the most dangerous jobs out there, was lured into an apartment and held at gunpoint by a thug. The driver holds a valid CCW permit and was able to draw his weapon and shoot the assailant. The thug was arrested after seeking hospital treatment. But Pizza Hut saw it differently and cut the man loose. They say they have a strict policy that prohibits delivery drivers from carrying guns because it makes it safer for everyone. Huh? How the hell is that safer? And for who? Certainly not the guy with a gun jammed in his temple! So for me at least Pizza Hut can take their stuffed crust and stuff it right up their ass! I'll have none of that crap, no sir, no way.

    Pizza Hut SUCKS!
  2. While I certainly agree with the sentiment of boycotting Pizza Hut over their stand, I already order pizza elsewhere. They wouldn't notice my boycott!

    And yes, you are right: their pizza sucks... :lol:


  3. That's the bad thing for me too. There isn't a Pizza Hut within 40 miles of me. However I do go to the next town on a regular basis and there is one right near my rental house. They won't notice my lack of money there either but I'll sure as heck give notice to like minded people about their shoddy tactics!
  4. Can't have the driver's shooting the customers.Ain't good for business.
    I wonder how the company president would feel if that happened to him on a delivery?
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    Pepsi Co. owns Pizza Hut, if you want to boycott something, switch to Coke.

    But Coke sells products (through loopholes in the trade embargos) to Iran and others so.....Darn it. Just can't win.

    Drink water and buy another HP...
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    Well I won't be buying Pizza Hut anytime soon either. That is just a bunch of crap.
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    When i get home to my PC, i will be sending an email to pizza hut... if it's even possible...

    Yeah, there was a cartoon that would come on when i was growing up, it was called "Rocko's modern life", and Rocko (A wallaby) would always have run-ins and stuff with a corporation named "Conglomo"... now that i think about it, it was just educating me to understand that big corporate powerhouses are nothing more than "Conglomo", the antagonistic folk...

    Rocko's modern life did not last long though, no wonder, the coprorations owned the station it ran on. By the way MTV owns Nickelodeon. Who owns MTV? I'm just amazed... Who would have thought that YUM! Inc. owned Long John Silvers and A&W?!
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    I am a former Pizza Hut Manager. Yes, the Midland Food Corp (owns Pizza Hut), has a strict policy on carrying weapons. I personally don't agree with it, but they've had that policy for some time. It gets tuff for the drivers.

    I was always uncomfortable when closing the store. It was just a big mess waiting to happen. The money was all counted on the front counter after hours, but a crook could easily see this from windows and doors, and that's VERY risky when you got thousands of dollars laying on the counter. I was very uncomfortable closing that store and preparing the deposits in plain site. I had a strick policy though. No one was allowed behind the counter (even employees) when I was dealing with the money. No locked doors were to be propped open after closing, nor was any non-employee allowed insided after hours.

    I've had a few instances where people were wanting in after hours (claiming to need the restroom, but it didn't take a genius to see they were eyeballing all that cash). I personally had requested permission to bring in one of my pistols to keep locked in the safe. Only managers had access to the safe. That way if something happened, and I got the "put the money in the bag" routine, the moment that safe opened I'd have quick access to my weapon. However, I was DENIED this request on more than one instance. I told them that if I ever get robbed due to their poor security policies I'd quit and sue.

  9. This has happened before with other pizza companys...
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    As alturistic as Pizza Hut is trying to paint themselves, any concern for "public safety" is purely secondary at best. Almost EVERY transit company has policies against firearms. You will be hard pressed to find ANY corporate transport company that allows you to carry a firearm in your machine while on the clock. Even my cab company STRICTLY forbids the carrying of any arms, even pepper spray!

    Why? Insurance Liability. Pure and simple. These days, even in complete self defence, a person can sue that company and then that driver for everything from being shot while in the comission of the robbery to trauma from the loud bang of a gun scaring their kids 2 blocks away. Each lawsuit requires pay for paralegals, lawyers, printed materials of case procedings, etc. One incident can cost a company up to TENS of millions of dollars, and that's just too much of a risk.

    So, safety? Eh, it's nice if it happens but let's keep that liability down! The police (if they even DO get a chance to get involved) have better insurance for that kind of thing.

    It's all about public image.
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    "Never underestimate the power of the sauce!"
    -Heffer refering to Teriyaki sauce :D

    ...and now we return you to the previously scheduled discussion
  12. A pizza guy here in Okla was suckered to a house by a couple of loosers that beat him with a baseball bat and robbed him.

    He showed back up at the pizza shop with blood coming out of his ears and nose. He insisted he was all right and just needed to go home and crashed on the way home.

    Luckily they caught the thieves and they just got sentenced to time in prison.

    I wish the man had been carrying so he could have defended himself.

    I have a friend that works on automatic car washes at all hours of the day, and he had two guys try to trap him inside one in Tulsa.

    He got a piece of pipe and they decided to find someone easier to rob.

    His job says no guns in his contract, but he said he would rather be alive to look for another job when they fired him for shooting someone, so he has a CCW and packs a .45 auto.
  13. I don't care what anyones boss says, but if you work in a field where you carry large sums of cash around then you need a gun plain and simple. I don't have my CCW yet (just waiting to save up some extra cash for the class) but when I do that gun is going everywhere with me. Makes me glad that I'm my own boss.

    I say we boycott anything owned by YUM! .inc. As much as I love some of their stuff it would be a worthy sacrifice in the name of those who can't defend themselves.
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    I cannot condone a boycott of Pizza Hut because they do not post 30.06 signs for customers. If they want to have policies preventing their employees from carrying then by all means let them. If someone is willing to work w/ those terms in place and so long as Pizza Hut does not persue legal action, I dont think there is anything to be outraged about.

    If i were offered a job and found it had a no handgun policy, I'd turn it down. Currently there are no policies and my employers are unaware of my CHL, were they to find out and tell me I couldnt carry, I'd walk.
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    Sounds like the same attitude so many of us hate so much with the attitude toward gun-grabbing....

    "Well, I don't need an assault rifle, I only hunt quail, so I don't mind an AWB."

    "I don't care about owning guns, so I don't care if they ban them."

    "I'm a hunter, never owned a handgun, and I don't think anybody really NEEDS a handgun. As long as they leave my rifles alone, they can do what they want."

    It's the same principal.

    I WILL NOT support a company that would fire a guy for refusing to be a victim. I will NEVER eat another slice of Pizza Hut pizza.
  16. While I agree that the employer has the right to their own policies I do not agree that they have the right to decide when a person has the right to protect themselves. As I recall the delivery driver was a valid CCW permit holder? Good enough for me!

    Until the policy changes Pizza Hut will not sell me another piece of their pizza. I'd like to see the fired driver hire an attorney and sue Pizza Hut for not allowing him the right to personal protection or offering protection in what is known as one of the most dangerous jobs. All OSHA regulated jobs have to have safety policies in place for everything. Pizza Hut themselves have to follow OSHA guidelines for what takes place inside the restaurant. Maybe if the delivery jobs are so damn dangerous it is time to make a change? I feel it is certainly time to start making our collective voices, that of gun owners and 2A supporters, heard.
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    I find it humors that I read this thread right after thet last one that stated...
    "Governor Ernie Fletcher (R) signed two NRA-backed bills into law. SB 38, a “Castle Doctrine†bill, establishes a presumption that citizens are justified in the use of force when violent criminals attempt to forcibly enter their home, vehicle, or other dwelling. It also codifies a court decision specifying citizens may meet force with force and have no duty to retreat when being violently attacked. The other bill was the comprehensive firearm rights reform package, HB 290. It includes provisions that allow employees to store firearms in their vehicles while at work so they may protect themselves as they travel to and from their jobsite. The Attorney General is directed to take legal action against employers who prohibit firearms storage or who attempt to punish those employees who choose to exercise their right to self-defense within their own private property¾their vehicle."
    By this last piece of legislation that delivery guy would have been able to not only keep his job but sue the Corperation as well.

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    Now cmon folks! You mean to say you will not support an American company just because they are so freakin narrow minded as not to let their lackeys defend themselves. That is so unAmerican! Boy what will you do when Shillary gets in as Queen of the Communist States of Amero?

    TO THE GULAG WITH ALL OF YOU!! :wink: :lol: :lol:
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    I don't care if they're an "American" company or not. I'd rather buy pizza from Chin Lao's Pizza, owned and operated by a Taiwanese company that doesn't impede on the rights of its employees, than support an "American" company who thinks it would be better for an employee to be violently murdered, than to have to deal with a lawsuit...

    Or I'll just support A DIFFERENT American company who doesn't calculate the value of their employee's lives with dollar signs... I'd rather buy from a locally-owned company anyway. :wink:
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    I thought that was Filburt, when he got the sauce for his birthday. Anywho... more insight on "Conglom-O" :

    Conglom-O Corporation is the biggest company in town; it even runs City Hall. Mr. Dupette, who has very peculiar ways to see if the employees are fit to work there, manages Conglom-O. Conglom-O does not seem to have a specific purpose or product - it is a giant company that manufactures many products. Conglom-O's slogan is always shown beneath its name. The slogan is "We own you," revealing in a later musical episode that they own everything in O-Town. When Ed Bighead was shown to work at Conglom-O in 1961, the slogan stated "We Will Own You" (alluding to the future of mega-corporations). The illustration that appears with the logo and on top of the official Conglom-O Corp. skyscraper is a martini glass with the earth in place of an olive.