Placement of Red Dot sight

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  1. Spider

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    I have a Feyachi RDS-25 red dot sight coming today with a 1” riser. Where is the best placement to mount on a HP 4095 (.40)with Flip up sights.I have seen pics with them all over. This will be sighted in at 25 yards.
  2. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    Wherever you're most comfortable with it.
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  3. undeRGRound

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    I like them further back for a good large field in the optic, but then "both eyes open" came upon my awareness and that seemed to work better a bit more forward.
    So it's like Big Bro said. But if you go traditional and use one eye, I'm thinking further back for max sight picture in the optic. But leave some room for comfort.
    I believe the TS series will have plenty.
  4. Bill whitney

    Bill whitney Member

    I like mine a lil forward with both eyes open.
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  5. Spider

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    Thanks, I haven’t mounted it yet, I will try both, with the price of ammo it’s not like the old days to where you can shoot here and shoot there , trying to conserve
  6. Spider

    Spider Lifetime Supporter

    I also have a 1” mount so I can use flip up sights if needed . 25 yards is the max I will be using this for home defense,
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  7. SWAGA

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    Yeah no carbine here but I’ve got a red dot on an AR-10 mounted about as far forward as it will go.
    Both eyes open and your brain merges the images.
    You won’t even see the housing anymore just the dot.
  8. magnut

    magnut Member

    Thats what I do as well. For me the farther forward they are the better and faster they work at short distances. If I am useing them for longer shots...50 to 100 yards I have an easier time with them further back. It just depends what the gun is set up for. Pistols I actually prefer lasers and a modified hold when shooting close range. I run a few pistols with tube red dots but its just for fun range shooting.
  9. My $0.02.
    I left the factory sights and rails in place and put a CenterPoint Optics 72609 Compact 1x20mm red dot on the top rail, just forward of the rear sight. It co-witnesses perfectly and only makes the total package about 3/4" taller.
    I didn't like this (red dots in general) on a 22lr pistol and sort of forgot I had it until about a month ago. Tossing it onto the 995ts seems to have been a really good idea. It gives another low light option beyond the weapon light under the barrel. That's relevant considering the 995ts is my "bump/crash/bark-bark-bark in the night" go-to item.