Planet of the Apes 995

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  1. Had the original and like a dummy I sold it:eek:...after searching endlessly..I found one...used but unfired....$190...private party. Black with the chrome and I fired it a couple of days ago. Back in the saddle again.:cool:
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    Congrats and welcome!
    A chrome 995 for $190? That's a steal.

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    There was a guy not far from me that was selling his Like New Chrome 995 last week for $285?
  4. talon

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    What part of NW IN do you have the misfortune to be from?
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    Welcome from MO'
  6. Just outside of Hammond.....I happen to enjoy Indiana quite a lot....I hike and bicycle and plenty of places to go. We have great gun laws too.
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    Im in LaPorte.
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    Hey guys! I've been wanting a 995 (or 9545 since I already am the proud owner of a Hi Point .45) and have looked at the different offerings on the HiPoint website. Well, just this morning my friend asked me if I would be interested in buying a 995 which comes with 2 x 15 round mags, compensator, laser, and sling. Looks to be all black and from what I've been reading, it's the planet of the apes style. He's asking $150 so I told him "SOLD".
  9. undeRGRound

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    Be Prepared to buy some 10 round mags from MOM, just sayn'!
    Good Deal ANYWAY!
  10. lLolRlDlRGlH

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    Sorry man, I'm a noob. What's MOM? And are the 15 round mags still ok to own?
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    MoM is the Hi Point factory, and the 15 round old style Pro Mags will void the warranty. The new style they say works fine, but not sure if those void the warranty also.
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    Thank you, Nell!
    (that was my lovely assistant Nevada Nell)

    That is exactly what I was going to say! :D
    If the 15 round mags operate well for you, I would use them.
    May want to check if the LRHO (last round hold open) works,
    that is where the problems arise, the bolt slams the back of
    the follower and it eventually breaks down there, iirc...

    The latest 995 promags are supposed to work in all aspects,
    which would not cause the damage the old ones could do. If
    the deal also contains 10 round mags, that is GREAT! :D
    If not, they are only about $18 shipped from MOM, (the HP factory)

    Another reason they call HP MOM is that Mrs. Deeb used to take
    most of the calls. Tom Deeb is the originator of Hi Point and has
    sold it to his long time engineer, Mike Strassel.
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    first time I have heard of the Planet of the apes model or chrome , need pics or explanation please
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    It's called a "Monkey Gun" and is the first incarnation of the 995 & 4095.

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    Here is the picture you requested.

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    :blush: :blush: :D
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    The 995 "Classic" is frequently referred to as both a "Monkey Gun" and a "Planet of the Apes" gun. I find it easily in simple googles.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
  18. There is no last round hold open function on the 995 classic "monkey gun".

    Mole, are you trying to send him down underground to keep you company??
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    NE Utah

    You just trying to generate hits on the site?

    Or are you hoping he'll sell you a "broken" gun cheap, since there IS no LRHO on the 9 mm classics?


    The 4095 classic DID have the LRHO, for those that care.;)
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    Moles playing gunsmith again ;-)