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Planning to buy a proper industrial sewing machine. Ideas...

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Okay. So the wife has given me the go-ahead to acquire an industrial sewing machine. I am looking at either a vintage Singer 31-20 or a Japanese made Singer 591-D300A ; both seem to use the exact same feed dog, needle plate, tension springs if my research is correct (Feed dog and needle plate for Heavy Work and Heavy tension spring lists 31 Class and 591 as compatible).

Both are $300 with clutch motors and tables. One has reverse, the 591. The other doesn't seem to have reverse but has a longer maximum stitch length. 591 may have a larger bobbin.

Anyways! The wife has provided one stipulation, and only one stipulation. How fast can I recoup the initial costs? So this is where I am at. What stuff are people like you, committed to buying here? I could go back to small pouches and stuff for Hi Point 9mm Redballs, the holsters, but those don't seem to be a high demand thing anymore, in that I haven't gotten requests or PMs regarding these, and I still got a 2-mag pouch still available, along with a satchel/mag bag.

Backpacks, maybe? Seems that there are as many new designs and such as there are. One I have yet to see.. maybe because too small, I don't know... a Medium ALICE sized 10 pocket ruck; all the ALICE 10-pocket rucks on the market are based on the Large ALICE.

ALICE frame compatible rucks in the style of the popular hiking backpacks from the 1970s-onwards with the low profile top load or panel load, sleeping bag compartment, zippered pockets? Or bucket top, but one or no zippers, buckle fasteners for the side pockets and specific lash points for sleeping bags and tents?

Chest rigs? Too many options available. Well, except the one idea I am stewing on... a 6-mag chest rig that will interface with standard plate carriers on the market nowadays (Swift clips and velcro).

Plate carriers, everyone and their mother are making them, so thats really out except for the silly ideas I have, and the one set that I want to make a carrier for, the 10x12 rectangle Level 3A soft armor baclers with ceramic Level 3 Special Threat 10x12 In Conjunction plates, for my wife.
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Most dont. I dont think the two machines Im looking at can.
Best Wishes in this endeavor
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...time to figure out the table transportation issue first. Table legs does have the bolt holes for industrial casters, so that's definitely something I am looking at...

For stuff you may only need once or twice...
I'm looking at the Vevor CS1000 Servo Motor for Industrial sewing machines for $95 with free shipping... its specs I could find..
3/4 HP, 4,500RPM, 550W... for 110V/120V systems.
View attachment 75240

Versus the stock clutch motor with 1/3 HP, 1725 RPM, 105-115v, 4.2 Amp, 60 cycle.. no wattage rating on the tag..
View attachment 75241
View attachment 75242
View attachment 75243

There are videos showing the power loads for both types of motors and they show that the servo motors uses much less power than the clutch motors... and are easier to do speed control on.. hm. I could keep the original clutch motor should I sell the whole unit to upgrade to a walking foot industrial. IF I feel inadequate with this vintage workhorse :rolleyes: but first, I got to get the servo motor then install it, then go over it and do some test articles, although the kind old tailor had been sewing on it up until very recently, so its been very well maintained.
1/3 HP is approximately 250 watts.


Lots of times they don't list all 4.

1 HP = 745.69 watts.
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Yay drama with the local post office :rolleyes: according to the tracking number provided, the parts I have been waiting for; had been "delivered/left in Mailbox" on Saturday the 19th of Feb (2 saturdays ago). When it still didn't show up in my particular mailbox, I went to the local post office 2 blocks down the road, informed them, and they told me to come back if I don't get the package in the mail by Friday the 25th... so I went on Saturday.. they have opened a case, and will keep me updated. Going there tomorrow when I have the time, and see what they can do. Far as I know, all packages/letters come with up to either $25 or $50 insurance, not sure who gets what (sender, or receiver?).. it's no fault of the sender if the mail got misdelivered to a different mailbox.
The usual expected procedure would be that the person who received mail misdelivered, would put it in return/outgoing mailbox for the mail carrier to correct; or take it to post office, or to the correct apartment... being that the mailboxes are the locking sort in a wall by the managers office...

The fact I have not received the package means its either

1. Technically stolen now (kept, or thrown away by someone else)

2. Never made it off the postal truck somehow (also technically stolen, or "lost")
I could write a book on how to deal with USPS...

The insurance goes to the purchaser of the insurance, usually the sender. But they will then be obliged to make you whole, meaning of course, fill your order.

I believe they have some sort of internal [email protected]$$ tracking for stuff like this, if it's not insured or tracked, but it's not as good. Obviously it's insured so u get the better tracking. I'd hope you are done with them before April 1st, CD
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Yet another file opened...


Just another tick mark on the bulging Manila folder, except it's digital. They enforce a terabyte limit, most of ours are already full.
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Oh goody. Bureaucracy.
Because it has been "delivered/left in the mailbox"; and not returned to post office there is nothing more that the local post office can do, if they do not have the package in their possession. Their mail carrier have been checking the mailboxes and return/outgoing mailbox at the complex for the last few days, ans have not seen the package. Their advice is to contact the Ebay seller. So that is what I did, though I don't hold the seller accountable for a fuckup that the post office did, and for the package to have been literally stolen/kept/not returned.
:mad: :mad: :mad: so we shall see what the seller says.

Not cool
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