Plate carriers, belt, and vests for sale

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  1. Got to make room for baby stuff.
    First up; Diamondback Tactical's Fast Attack Plate Carrier in a shade of tan; sized for Large SAPI/ESAPI plates. No plates come with it. Traded away
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  2. Next up, a custom OG plate carrier, sized for 10x12x1 plates, MAY fit ceramic standalones, will fit steel with backers. Made of 1000D Cordura, and has both ALICE and MOLLE webbing for flexibility with gear. Does not come with wife, nor the pouches shown in pics ;) asking $140 shipped. 20170807_172033.jpg 20170809_133322.jpg 20170807_172118.jpg 20170807_172019.jpg 20170807_172147.jpg 20170807_172139.jpg 20170809_140750.jpg 20170809_140745.jpg 20170809_140800.jpg
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  3. Spectre Gear gun belt with pad. Medium size on both pad and belt; fits up to 38" waists. 2.25" wide, so ALICE compatible; but is really meant for gun holsters and belt mounted pouches. Colored tan. Asking $30 shipped. More gear next post DSCF2228.JPG DSCF2229.JPG DSCF2230.JPG DSCF2236.JPG DSCF2224.JPG DSCF2225.JPG DSCF2226.JPG DSCF2227.JPG DSCF2232.JPG DSCF2233.JPG
  4. Black ATF vest sold at other forum!

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  5. I still got this stuff for sale.... make reasonable offers!

    Edit again; wifey not included ya deviants
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    How about a package deal, if she can cook that is! :cool:
  7. Still not including my very pregnant wife :D baby due in a few weeks
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    OK I can wait, don't want no babies around! :rolleyes::D
  9. Green plate carrier is available; tan diamondback plate carrier still available; tan chest rig available but no mounts for PC, may make new harness or mount kit for it later. (Sold the rig mount kit to someone in the USMC at 29 Palms)
    Belt still available
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  10. Custom low profile harness sewn up and installed; updated all buckles on rig to newer Stealth Warrior buckles. More detail pics of tan plate carrier; which has been traded away Price for updated chest rig with harness is $55 shipped. 20200409_160112.jpg 20200409_160129.jpg 20200409_160221.jpg 20200409_160248.jpg 20200409_160300.jpg 20200409_160315.jpg
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  11. Tan plate carrier gone! Green carrier and tan chest rig still available!
  12. Green plate carrier still available, still doesn't come with the hot young mom! Tan chest rig still available!
  13. Everything has been sold!
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