Plate Shoot Summary

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  1. I competed [for fun only] in a steel plate shoot at our range yesterday. Three legs, two were various plates and targets, then one was BG/GG hostages and more "shoot the BG" type targets. First shoot of the year for me so here's the scoop.

    PISTOL - shot my XD - what a yawn. The darn thing just shoots and shoots and I don't have the skills to do it justice. I need to reduce the number of guns I shoot to get better on sight pictures and "maybe" I'll do that over the summer. I just enjoy shooting all the toys too much.

    CARBINE - shot the 995. Let the fun begin. I like many others have the bipod, foregrip, laser, flashlight, halo-scope, and ATI stock - and/or combinations there of. The night before the shoot I looked at it and stripped it down to "competition" mode - gun, scope, and foregrip. My first two legs were the steel plate legs. Holy crap.

    Every place I put the red dot, the bullet hit. So I started shooting faster. Then faster. By the BG/GG leg, I was shooting as fast as I could pull the trigger and reload mags. Holy crap.

    In the double taps on stationary targets, out of 20 hits (10 BG's) I hit 18 x's or 10's, a nine and an 8. And the 9/8 were on my first target. And this was on targets at 10, 15 and 25 yards. On the moving double taps, I hit both with 2 inch spreads - on MOVING. Then there were the plates you had to hit three times to lower then three notches. At 15 yards, one shot to the head each, and down they came. Holy crap!!!!

    [Note - at this point you might say I suck and I was lucky. And I couldn't agree more. I'd rather be lucky than good any day of the week! But, man I was and now have so much more confidence in this little rocker. ]

    For some reason, I did have trouble charging the first mag on the first two legs so I have some problem solving to do. BUT, once she went hot......

    So the net boys? If you're gonna come in to my home - make sure it's when I have a handgun nearby, cause I still suck at that! If I have the ole 995 nearby, you better call and make arrangements.

    All in all, a great day. The 995 showed well and many were impressed with it and how well / accurate it shot. I was floored to be honest. And the very best part - quite a few new shooters taking part so I got to meet quite a few guys too.

    Sorry so long a note..... I'm just giddy at this point!

    PS - went to a gun shop during a cycle ride in the afternoon. They had one 995 for sale - for $249! I just smiled.
  2. Sweet, good shooting! Now go out there and make some money doing that so you can buy another 995 so ya don't have to keep stripping one down lol.