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  1. A while back I purchased a couple of safes, one for long arms and one for handguns. After loading all the rifles (mine and my folks') in the big safe, I moved on to the handguns. I have and old steel framed Hi-Point .40 JC that I don't fire any more for various reasons, and my folks had a few handguns of their own. Well, it turns out that one of their hand guns is a Colt Automatic Pistol, Pocket Model, .32 cal. Colt also called it the Model "M". I noticed that the magazine was missing, so I did a Google search. I subsequently found out that this is a COLLECTOR'S ITEM! There was a link that mostly detailed the history, so I read up on that, then I saw a link for Guns America, so, naturally, I clicked on that just to see...Well.....It seems that depending on date of manufacture and condition (the same for any firearm regarding potential value), they go for about $700 to almost $2000!

    This pistol belonged to my grandfather (mom's Dad). After I learned the above, I went back into my "cave" in the basement to check it out again, as well as wipe my grubby fingerprints off of it. :lol: There are some nicks on the front of the grip, as well as a little bit of wear on the bottom of the grip, indicating to me that my grandfather (if he was the original owner) carried it on his person. However, it does not appear TO HAVE EVER BEEN FIRED. The bore is perfect.

    Here are a few pics:
    What appears to be a scratch is where I used GIMP to smudge the SN.

    This is the non-SN side:

    This is the original box and original papers that came with the pistol:

    Thought you might enjoy seeing another bit of history from a forum member. :D

    ETA: The Model "M" was the first semi-automatic handgun Colt manufactured.

  3. Ari

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    Nice indeed a colt 32
  4. Strangerous

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    Classic Colt. Even if it is a .32! ;)
  5. Is that the 1903?

    Is the box and paperwork serial numbered to the gun itself?

    If so, be very careful of them. You could be looking at a 1500 dollar gun or so. Box collectors will eat that gun up alive at an auction.
  6. Another note, the box and paperwork are what make that particular gun so incredibly valuable. I would find some way of protecting the box and paperwork so they don't get any more damaged.
  7. very very very niceeeeeeeeee.... !
  8. Yes it is a 1903, and the box is SN'd to the weapon.
  9. Wow. Keep her out of the sunlight, get her out of the basement, find a place to keep her where there's controlled humidity, and good luck!
  10. HPHooked

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    Find a climate controlled bank vault safety deposit box and lock that thing away with a desiccant pack. Make sure that you get insurance on the thing. Then sit back and watch the value of that sweet piece go through the roof.

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  11. Time to start asking family members about that missing mag!
  12. Ari

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    You know you read any of the old detective stories Phillip Marlow what have you. You will hear the Colt 32 talked about. Very cool classic weapon.