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  1. Ocelot1

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    Meant to reply...
  2. Why delete it? it could be a great place for a meaningless thread about nothing improtant. :D

  3. Yes! What this world needs is more bunnies with pancakes!
  4. biganimal

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    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Did some one say pancake? Well here ya go :lol: [​IMG]
  6. Why would we delete a perfectly good thread? That would be as silly as making a perfectly useless post.
  7. If a thread is deleted into cyberspace, does anyone hear it scream?
  8. can you actually hear in cyberspace?
  9. This is the only place you can!
  10. Kyu

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    I gotta argue for french toast over pancakes. And beer! beer should be involved!
  11. neothespian

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    Nope. Can't hear in Cyberspace. If we were meant to hear in cyberspace Al Gore would've invented ears when he "invented' the internet :roll:
  12. I say shoot the bunny, eat the pancake and everyone screem together and see if anyone hears it!
  13. Corelogik

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    I second that!
  14. You know, that's funny. I fixed pancakes this morning for the whole family. If I knew you all wanted pancakes, too, I'd have invited you over for pancakes and coffee. ;)

  15. w_houle

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    Whenever I try to keep the pancake on the rabbits head it falls off, and whenever I staple it to their heads they keep playing dead
  16. Use a hot glue gun!
  17. Dont use Gorilla glue, you will never get the rabbit off of the pancake if you ever need it (the pancke that is)
  18. Strangerous

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    I wish there was a way to cook the rabbit, and have rabbit and pancakes! YUM!

    Al Gore would actually look more intelligent if he were to staple some
    pancakes on his head AND re-invent the internet with Internet 2.0!

    You can hear in cyberspace, but you can only hear it if it's on YouTube... or LimeWire.

    I believe Gorilla Glue and JB weld are both bad for pancake to bunny applications, though i have had good success with Elmer's glue in the past...

    Just don't ask the bunny if glue will stick to his fur, I'm sure he's still upset that the bear used him as his personal "Charmin"... LMAO

    But the best thing to do is feed Al Gore some bunny, staple a pancake to his neck, glue the pelt to his face with the gorilla glue, and then have a bear use Al Gore as his personal "Charmin"