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    I searched around here, and I couldn't find it, so I'll go ahead and ask. I just got a 995, and it's got some issues. I haven't fired it, and the pawn shop said it was "broken." Since it's all beat up anyway, I wanted to send it to HP to have it fixed.

    I noticed the mailing info thread, but what I need to know is how exactly do I do this? I've never shipped a firearm before and I don't know the procedure. Should I use UPS? USPS? Do I put it in a cardboard box and leave a little note in there telling them what the problem is?

    This is a noob question, but I'm a noob, so here goes, haha...

    Also, neat forum... I think I might spend some time here.
  2. Give them a call - they will tell you what and how to do it- you can get their number from

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    box it up, take it to a ups shipping point and tell them its "machined parts". Pay. Done.

  4. ^ yup. just make sure your box(if its the original) does not say anything about "hipoint firearms" or anything like that. Many places don't deal with guns and gun parts just for liability reasons. So yeah, its just machined parts.
  5. UPS specifically says "No Firearms." I had to ship mine back in pieces anyway, so I felt a little better about lying about it.
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    it's not exactly lying as a firearm is in-fact a machine that just happens to run on bullets.

    As added precautions go ahead and install the trigger lock if yours came w/ one. I also like to seperate the slide/barrel & firing pin from most pistols i send back though thats a little more involved w/ the HP.
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    According to that link, it's illegal for me to not tell them it's a firearm..

    Also, how do I get it back? If they know it's a firearm, I can't legally receive the package because I don't have an FFL.
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    If it is your gun you can ship and receive for repair legally. Someone usually has to sign for it when it arrives back at your home.
  10. Yes, Beemiller has UPS make you sign for it, they won't offer the option of leaving it at your door. If you work days your best shot will probably be picking it up at the distribution center.

    Anyone ever consider deliberately leaving off critical parts, like a firing pin and sending it? You can just ask HP to put a new one in.
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    Well, I went down to the UPS distribution center to see if they had a box it would fit in. Nope. Gotta drive across the border to Idaho to go the the nearest UPS store. Argh.

    What's the usual turnaround on these things? I'm in school currently, and I have until early May before I have to move back home and change my address.
  12. I just sent mine in. I got it back about ten days later. Since you're out west, maybe longer.
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    Ten days I can handle. Heck, if it takes a month that's fine. I don't need it desperately right now, just as long as it comes back before I move. Otherwise it's a problem.
  14. OK it says this:
    US Mail: An unlicensed person can ship a rifle or shotgun by US Mail. Unlicensed persons cannot ship a handgun by US Mail. Postal regulations allow the Post Office to open your package for inspection. Ammunition cannot be shipped by US Mail. You can search the US Post Offer Postal Explorer site for specific USPS regulations regarding

    So shouldn't that mean the Carbine is shipable via US Mail?
  15. WOOT! I'm not a plinker anymore!!!!!!!!
    Sorry. I now return you to your regularly scheduled thread
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    I just disassemble the carbine into three sections, the stock, receiver and bolt and I will remove the firing pin. Wrap all the sections in bubble wrap and place it in a round mailing tube. Now its just parts and if it was assembled it would not fire due to the lack of the firing pin.
  17. The UPS store I ship from never ask what's in the box and I never say. I've not had a problem in shipping. I used a different FFL once and he gave my S&W 357 to the wrong guy. Almost had to beat it out of him, said he didn't get it but the shipper and UPS said he did. Last and only time I use his services. Funny thing he charged more than my normal guy but was a lot closer.