Please, educate me: AR -15 building

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    Alright, before I start here, I wanna say I love all guns and I like to learn as much as I can about different types of guns. So, a lot of the time, I'll buy a certain type of firearm just to learn about it. Not because I need it, but because I'm just curious.

    So, to my question. I don't know very much about ARs. Mostly cause I don't have one. I've shot several of them, just don't have one yet. So, with the upcoming election, I'm thinking it's about time I add one to my armory. But, I would like to build one.

    So that brings us to my query: what do I need to build an AR?

    I would greatly appreciate a list of everything I need to buy along with your recommended brand/company. Also a fair market price for each part. I would like to keep the finished firearm under $500 if possible.

    Thanks for your help,

  2. undeRGRound

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    $500??? Good Luck with THAT!
    Try and find a "build kit" like PSA (Palmetto State Armory) offers.
    Plus, you'd better HURRY! Stuff is selling like Hotcakes right now :eek:

    Buying one complete might be a better option atm, since you
    will need a few tools. Well, you could buy an assembled upper
    and avoid most of the special stuff. IMO

  3. greg_r

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    I am building a couple as we speak. Here are some prices I have found locally.
    Lower receiver, $74
    Upper receiver, $43
    Lower parts kit without FCG, $34
    Stock , $39
    Buffer tube, with spring and buffer. $54
    Barrel, $120
    Forend, $23
    Forward assist & dust cover. $19
    Gas tube, $15
    Trigger guard, $9

    $420 invested so far. I have gas blocks, delta rings and FCG in my cast off parts drawer. Just missing a rear sight and muzzle break.

    Tools you need are roll pin starters, roll pin punches, brass hammer and punches, armorers wrench, go-no go gauges, vice, vice blocks, and a hinge pin tool. In reality you can build one with a pair of needle nose pliers a hammer, and a few punches. Proper tools just makes it easier.

    Look for used parts. People are forever tinkering with these things. I have a drawer full of delta rinds, gas blocks, triggers and hammers etc from where I have changed out the single stage triggers and drop in forearms.
  4. greg_r

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    Only a few stores here sell receivers and such, they all have complete rifles. And the receivers are all but gone here. Other parts are still plentiful.

    One of my co-workers just sold a complete upper to fund a new upper he just built. $225. Guess he wanted that nickel boron bolt pretty bad! Told him the next time he starts feeling squirrely to call me first!
  5. You can build a rifle for under $500. However, the tools will be an added cost to your build. Buying tools (and you NEED the proper ones and quality) kinda ruin it if your are not going to build but one. Plus at that price point you may need to skimp a lil bit on sub quality parts.
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    There are complete uppers, lowers, and bcgs that could be pieced together for under $500 with carefull shopping.

    Or you could find a good deal on a whole rifle. Got one otd with tax for $480
  7. Visper

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    $499.00 free shipping. Just add your optics (either irons or scope)

    You can practice taking it apart. That's how I learned how to assemble them. I bought one and took it apart... I did that a lot when I was a kid too... my Dad hated when I had spare toaster parts left over though...

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Piecing together from PSA's weekend specials lately you can do one for $520+ ship buying a complete upper, and lower, or maybe that was doing an upper without the BCG and buying the BCG for $99 or so. So it was $520+ shipping or maybe the lower was free shipping. You will need a rear sight. Magpul MBUS can be bought for $39.99 onn sale from Primary arms.Get on their email list and be ready with plastic in hand. The specials and blems go within hours lately. Nothing wrong with their "blems." Functionality is what matters.

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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

  11. Visper

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    I found one, its only $1 under $500 but I found it!!! Its an Anderson, plain Jane, but you really can't expect a lot for under $500.00

    Still available for that price too which kinda surprises me...
  12. Dane

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    +1 on PSA, CDNN, graba gun or KYgunCo
  13. Bull

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    I've had pretty good luck on the orders I've placed with cdnn
  14. backbencher

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    With careful purchases, you can probably go under $400, not including shipping & transfer fees.

    Trinity Ordnance sells Sabre Defense lowers for $60 - that's the Cav Arms Mk 2, now sold by GWACS. So now you can skip the stock, buffer tube, and pistol grip - all you need is a lower parts kit, carbine buffer, & spring. Add an inexpensive upper w/ BCG, and you're good to go. To put in the LPK, you just need some punches, & a roll pin punch for the LRBHO.

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  16. ratchowmein

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    Figure out what distance are you're mainly going to use it for and what weight ammo you're going to shoot out of it before you start building.

    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    okay, everyone seems to be posting sales on more or less complete rifles here. Do you want to BUILD an AR, or just put the two halves together?
    If you want to just push 2 pins into holes then a complete lower + complete upper will get you that. You might can find that for around $500. The next most popular thing is going to be the kit that gives you a completed upper, plus all the parts you need to assemble a stripped lower. This can for sure be had for $500.
    Or are you wanting to completely build this piece by piece? that is going to be very difficult for $500.
    Are you asking about the tools you will need?
    Are you asking about each individual part you need?

    If you are seriously worried about the legalities of acquiring an AR before they are 'outlawed', then all you really need is the lower. Either stripped or complete doesn't matter. The rest of the parts are just "accessories" in the eyes of the law. OK, actually, go ahead and get MANY 30 rd mags, a pistol grip and a collapsable stock to go with your lower.

    before I can really give more advice I need more to go on besides I have $500 and want to build a rifle.
  18. undeRGRound

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    That's kinda the route I was taking, Glug... ;)
    The added tools and fixtures could inflate the bottom line
    up to $100 or so, for a complete build of an upper assembly.