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please excuse my manners

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in reveiwing my post i realized id never said hi and introduced my self. ive been here since aug 08. not a hp owner yet but have jhp on the mind . i eagerly await the 4*95 carbine .i am a gun owner a s&w wheelgun in .45acp,sks from yugoland. and a winchester 120 pumper.two kids one wife and a job.abit of a vagabond however not as much as in the past . i've lived in fl. ca.ak.ma ri. ride mc and love older vehicles. i need to stop cause i've got keyboardeytes
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:welcome: from Ohio
:welcome: from Bama.
Welcome to the forum from TN. Go ahead and get a Hi-Point and join in the addiction. :D
:welcome: Take a look around and enjoy.
:welcome: From SC
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