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  1. Give me a snap cap that will not jam in the chamber. i hate to dry fire my guns. My .45 JHP Eats sanp caps all day long, but my 995 and cf-380, the rouds stick in the chamber, and i have to use a wooden dowel to get hem out. Maybe include 1 snap cap per ne wpistol sole. i will gladly pay an extra 5 bucks for this.
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    Make your own snap cap. Get a spent round, remove the primer, insert a small piece of eraser inside the spent shell, and silicone it in. It works like a charm

  3. What an awesome idea!!! Great post!!!!
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    That is pretty ingenious...
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    Great Idea. I'm making one tonight out of the spent round i stepped on (in the dark garage- ouch)
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    If your snap caps are made of plastic just use some very fine sand paper and reduce its body diameter just a hair and it should work fine. Just remember not to touch the rim as this may affect extraction.
  8. For those of you that have a reloading press, you can also seat a bullet in the case just so that it looks real and will cycle when you work the action of a pistol and/or carbine. Again, great idea.
  9. ok I'll do that. i asked my wife for a lee anniversary press for christmas. hace to keep that in mind.
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    Sure... but be sure to mark your snap caps. You would hate to be shooting snap caps when the BG come through the door.
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    Why go through the trouble and remove the primer? you can just leave it, the pin will keep hitting it granted but it will retain much of the same resistance as an unfired round.
  12. OK kids, be careful when making homemade dummys. I learned a lesson today and hopefully Hi Point will warranty the questions asked right?

    I made a mags worth of 9mm dummy rounds from fresh pulled bullets and expended casings with the used primer intact...big no no...Since the used casings had expanded when they originally went BOOM, I had to use a dab of red Loctite to get the bullet to stay put. I made sure the overall length was good, and loaded up my first dummy.....JAM!!! And I mean really jammed...think cramming a Saturn V rocket down a drain pipe jammed. Well, being nuts and bolts kinda guy, I grabbed an old brass shotgun rod and proceeded to tap, hit, slam the stuck dummy out. In the process, I sheared the molded polymer retainer that the safety switch rotates on, and really boogered her up good!
    I'll be calling HP in the morning to talk to them (I'll keep ya posted), hopefully they will fix it. In the meantime, I'll be OCing my JHP around and hitching my pants up every 30 seconds...
    So my advise is this: Use only fresh brass with NO LIVE PRIMER! Use the eraser method for a primer when making your own dummy rounds.

    They will cover it right? :oops: :oops: :oops:
  13. Yeah, they will cover that. You should be good Ernie.
  14. somebody educate me but what is a snap cap? whats its purpose? and do i need one? from what i read it seems if you dry fire your gun after cocking it you might damage the firing pin. am i on the right page here? thanks guys.