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    I have been having some serious fail to feeds with my 995 ever since I bought is a few weeks ago. The bullet gets stuck under the extractor going into the breach. I tore the rifle down and took out the extractor and found that it is stamped with a "40". Please tell me this is a part number and does not represent that Hi-point put a .40 cal extractor in my 995. If it is the right part, what to you recommend I do to loosen up the tolerance.


  2. I would call up Hi-Point and talk on the phone with a technician. He may be able to straighten out the problem fast.

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    Ahh, thanks, I knew there was a proper name for it. You can't see it in the pics, but the face on those parts that grabs the shell was a little deformed and very sharp. I sanded off the rough edges and gave it a little smoother surface for the shell to transition on to. It has seemed to work better, just working the bolt by hand. We will see at the range. So #40 is a part number?

  4. They have a lifetime warranty, might as well make use of it. Just my two cents.
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    #40 is the part number for the magazine catch cap. From the diagram in the manual (link), that looks like the button you push to drop the mag.

    #18 is the part number for what they are calling "ejector keys," which most folks with firearms knowledge would likely call "extractors." Their exploded diagram isn't the clearest, but it looks like the parts in question here should be #18. I'm not sure what the 40 stamped on them means.

    ETA: When I exploded my 995, the extractor fingers were just flopping around on their pin with no resistance and I couldn't see any markings at all on them, though they were still mostly attached to the bolt.
  6. I should add: this is the first time I have EVER, and I mean EVER, heard of ANY FTF problem with a HP carbine. For the thousands of posts I've read (tens of thousands, probably), I'd say that's pretty good!
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    It is the correct part, it is just a part number as stated before. I had the 995 at the range today and it performed much better, no fail to feeds. I bet it was just because it was slightly deformed. After I sanded the rough edges off, it seems to have solved the problem! My previous 995 (purchased around 02') never failed to feed and was a great firearm. This new one is just as good now! I was just as the gun shop today and saw a C9 for $132! sooo tempting!