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Do you think that comment was uncalled for?

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  1. :shock: Poor dillusional girl! She definatly need help :wink: :lol:[/quote] From SHOOTER Z
    That is the quote that i think is really uncalled for. Does anyone else agree? I have never attacked Shooter Z or his family why does he need to attack mine?
  2. I am just guessing, but may it have been the shirt he was refering to?

    Remember, that is the same pic as Glockman has as his avatar.

    Hope this can all get solved and would rather than neither of you got booted or left.

    BTW I did not vote on the poll because I think we have a misunderstanding here.

  3. His comment was in reference to the t-shirt logo your wife was wearing, it's the same as Glockman's avatar. It was made in jest towards Gman and I am sure he was not being deragatory to your wife.
  4. Ditto on what has already been said -- it was a rib poke for GMan and was not aimed at your family.
  5. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member


    Im not gonna choose sides, but I've had a prob w/ one of the guys in the poll. I was accused of everything from being gay to retarded to a stupid little kid to unfit to own a firearm. Looks like someones is acting a little childish themselves.

    How about some PMs first to settle the problem instead of making it a public deal. If that doesnt work try asking the Admin/Mods for help.

    Certainly dont ask us to choose a member. thats like asking your parents if they love you or your sibling more, the forum loves us all :D

    Do not vote and someone please Lock this thread.

    Edit: looks like the original thread got changed from "who needs to be booted" to "was that uncalled for".
  6. Yeah we have had our problems have I left you alone? Have I so much as said anything to you as of now? Its just not right that he made a derogerty comment about my wife.
  7. I can't speak to all the other stuff, but in this particular case, it really did seem like a fairly harmless joke about her shirt. At least that's how I took it. But yes, this thread needs to get locked please.
  8. The quote that I am refering to is the one that I posted at the top of the page.
  9. Yes, that's also the quote the rest of us are refering too I believe. I THINK Shooter was joking about the fact she was wearing a "gman" shirt.
  10. Thats not how I took it. One of my dads sayings to us is,"It's not whats said its how it is percived."
  11. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    all im saying is try and settle this through PMs first. Perhaps i shouldnt have brought up our disagreement but i was just speaking from my experience.

    Have you asked him about it? i didnt see a rebuttal in the original thread.

    i dont think its appropriate to get the whole forum involved in a personal conflict w/ another member.
  12. Yeah I PM his and he tells the admin that I said something off the wall to him. Not going to happen Im putting it up where every one can see and when admin decieds what they want to do about it they can. Personally I think that someone should go.
  13. I would go back and actually look at the original post then and not the quote you have up there which is taken out of context. Shooter was quoting another member that was saying she was a "gman fan" or something along those lines, and Shooter was making a joke in regards to her being a "gman fan" so in reality, it was a hit on gman, not your wife.

    I doubt your wife even knows who gman is, so I honestly have no idea how you "percived" [sic] this as an actual personal attack on your wife.

    And now I want to apologize to the mods for even putting another post on this tread. I promise this will be the last thing I say on the subject, I just thought that the full story should at least be put out on here.

    Again, I apologize.
  14. MSCHU24

    MSCHU24 Member

    I don't like to get in the middle of things and usually get the popcorn out and watch... but this is just stupid.

    If he was saying anything about your wife then why did he quote someone elses quote that says "She is a fan of Glockman". This forum adds quotes together and each person who quotes another person who quoted someone's quote will get all the quotes :eek: If this forum just added the single quote of "She is a fan of Glockman" then none of this would be an issue.
  15. So what you are saying is that he was calling glockman a poor delusional girl and saying that he needs help? Is that what you are trying to tell me? If I recall correctly GLOCKMAN is a MAN there for the comment could not have been directed at him but at my wife.
  16. +1 to the following:

    I do not believe any one I've met on this forum would openly attack another person's family. Never.

    This should be handled off line - no need to ask for or take sides in this 1:1 issue.

    There was not context for any kind of attack - it was / is a fun thread over there. At a minimum, a PM asking, "Dude, are you attacking my wife?" and I'm certain this never becomes an issue cause the answer would have been, "NO WAY, Man".

    I read the original post and the ONLY way I took it was a shot at GMan, and he can handle himself.

    So - deep breath all, this is a non-issue in my book.
  17. I think that after im gone because I got booted for something he said. That he needs to watch what he says had he been standing near me he would be missing some teeth.
  18. its been nice getting to know you all I hope that you have a nice time I think that I will be getting booted when an admin gets on so this is my last post saying thank you for so much great info and a great place to hang out with people that finally understand me.
  19. My friend, before you go........ IF you go....... you need to realize something. IF anyone on this board attacked someone as you suggest Shooter did, everyone here would be ALL over him, me included.

    Trying to salvage this, if it is to be salvaged - my input is to recognize what ALL have been saying - it was a JOKE toward GMAN - say you're sorry for taking it wrong, or not..... and get over it. We are NOT about attacking here - we are about each other and help and differences coming together for the good of all. I mean look at the pictures on that thread. If you see no words at all, you can see the folks we are.

    That's my 2 cents. Que sera....... or whatever that saying is!
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