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    can anyone provide assistance i have just purchasied my first high-point pistol and was wondering what the best way to clean it and how often i should do it. Thanks! 8)
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    You are going to get plenty of help here!
    A lot of us just use a boresnake through the barrel a time or 2 and cotton swabs with a solvent like Hoppe's #9 to swab out the chamber.
    No need to worry about any detail cleaning or taking anything apart until you get at least 1000 rounds through it.
    Some guys wait longer than that to disassemble their Hi-Points.
    I don't blame you if you think this first response to your post sounds a bit lax, but you will see that many will jump in and concur.
    Be safe.

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    Wipe it down, use some Q-tips if you feel like it. Bore snake or bore brushes w/ hoppes 9.

    HP doesnt recommend a break down and clean until after 5,000rnds. so thats plenty of time to get aquanted w/ the manual. If you didnt get one call HP and ask for one.
  4. +! on the Boresnake, might be a little expensive, but are well worth it.
  5. I shoot a C-9 and cleaning is very easy. I use Hoppe's No. 9 on a cotton patch to wet the barrel, the I use a bronze bore brush with Hoppe's on it and then dry, clean patches until clean. I also use cotton swabs to clean the ramp. A little oil in the slide groves. wipe the gun down and you can put a DONE stamp on it.