PLR-16 Got one today! Lucky husband here.

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  1. griff30

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    Got a new piece today!
    My Father-in-law bought me a kel-Tec PLR-16! I bought his daughter (my wife, put 2+2 together guys) a 1966 Mustang last month as an early Christmas gift, they knew I wanted the Kel-Tec. So he got one for me.
    Massive thanks to my wife and her dad.

    Man this thing has muzzle flash! need a flash hider.
    I will post pics soon.
  2. Wow, you lucky SOB you! I want to see pics of it, and if possible, some pics of muzzle flash.

  3. Nice in-laws you got there buddy, wish mine were that cool... Congrats on the gun!
  4. If it doesn't have it already, order the muzzle brake from kel-tec, makes a world of difference.

  5. azcarbine

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    A buddy has one that I got a chance to shoot. Flamethrower anyone? :shock: Its really a BLAST to shoot!