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  1. howdy yaw, i would like to get some feedback on this
    kel-tec pmr-30..

    i had seen some youtube videos on it, and would like
    to get ur feedback..

    the video stated that the brakedown pin would brake in half,
    and it wouldn't shoot hp.
    does anybody know what it would cost to buy this pmr-30
    and what is the going price for the mags??
  2. They are cool, But price is artificially inflated with kel-tec not keeping up production. Also have heard the pistol suffers from rim lock.

    but 22mag is a cool caliber and 30rs of it is nothing to sneeze at.

    I have never shot one, take this all with a grain of salt

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    They're fine. I "held on to" my dad's for him for years while he was in Commiefornia.

    The pin doesn't break usually and not particularly on the new models. Any gun can be ammo picky. Dad's like the HP's I fed it just fine, but, frankly, you may not get enough MV from the short bbl to make the HP open up. So either stick with solid point, accept that HP's probably won't expand, or buy the .22WMR Critical Defense, which is designed to open up at lower MV.

    Never had rimlock issues, but you can get that problem by improperly loading any magazine for a semi-auto chambered for a rimmed or semi-rimmed cartridge.

    That said, learning how to properly load the magazines was the most challenging part. Failure to properly load would result in missfeeds. Not rimlocks, but misfeeds nonetheless. Until I figured out the process I could only load the mags to 20 rounds capacity and still have reliable feed. If I exceeded that, the top 5 or 10 would result in a misfeed every 2-3 rounds until capacity reached 20 or so. Once I learned the process, the mags became reliable.

    Supplies vs demand is slowly stabilizing though the demand side did get another bump when the CMR-30 carbine came out. With a little patience, you can usually get one NIB from commercial sources. May have to wait in a queue, however.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Kel Tec has modified several parts on this model now. First off, the slide has been changed to include an extended breech face. This should eliminate the early failures where the plastic cover self destructed from ruptured cases. The retaining pin has been changed and if I recall correctly from my time over at KTOG, the locking lugs have been updated as well.

    There are still issues reported from time to time but Kel Tec's engineering department is on top of it and have been changing problematic parts of the design. That said, I've still read enough reports of reliability issues that I'd consider this gun to be a range only gun, especially when there are a half dozen 9mm's out there with 16+ round mags for less money and the prices are still generally well above msrp.
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