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    Here are some excerpts from an article on poaching stings from Thrusday's local paper here, The Coeur d' Alene Press:

    Walker said he couldn't explain the number of poaching violations.

    The following would seem to explain a lot, if not everything:

    "I don't know if it's for bragging rights, or just for meat," he said. "They're wanting to fill their tag and they're willing to break the law to do it."

    Walker, who has worked on many similar decoy operations, said he has witnessed some interesting behavior in poachers. Some, he said, will stop and fire repeatedly at the fake animal from their vehicle.

    "I've witnessed people shoot four to five times at an animal that's not moving," he said. "They typically respond by trying to reload and shoot again."

    This part is priceless:

    Walker said Fish and Game officials will continue running poaching traps until the end of deer season Dec. 1.

    Why don't you tell them where the decoys are gonna be while you're at it!

    Here's the link to the full article:
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    Wow, interesting. Lots of poaching problems goin on. Guess everyone thinks of it as "it's just one deer (or whatever)" but it's the problem as a whole that brings up the problem. Just like littering.

  3. I know of a guy that shoots deer with a 22 and sticks an arrow in them during bow season, and am ashamed to say that I have extended family that will spotlight and shoot deer for the meat.

    I tell them to stay off of my property and do not admit to others that I am related to them. :shock: