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  1. So I'm really loving the pocket pistols lately, I'm a small and skinny male and it's just so easy to carry a pistol that weighs less than a pound and a half. It's super simple to hide and I forget it's there and my options for carry are endless. I have the Glock 42, a Kahr CW380 which is amazingly tiny and a Kahr CM9 for when I want to pack a little more punch but still have the option of pocket carry. The Glock is my favorite so far as my .380 go my CM9 is my all time favorite buy. I'm just wondering how you guys feel about the little pocket rockets, caliber, size, and other comments welcome. Let me know who else is showing the love for the smaller fire arms.
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    I am a big fan of them. I just traded an old gun for a Beretta Pico. Can't see it in a blue jean pocket, and it is very accurate. .380 regarded as too small by some, but I would not volunteer to take a hit with one.
    It is easy to always have it with me. (Only took up this line of thought when my wife and I were almost robbed at a local mall. Luckily, we noticed the guy, and went back into the mall.)
    Sure, only a few shots, 6, but I am working on getting real good with it. And, I have another mag, which came with the gun.
    Very high quality gun with excellent sights.

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  3. That is the smallest .380 they make I believe that's a cool gun and a good choice.
  4. I'm a mouse gun fan.
    First gun after my ccw was a phoenix Hp22a 3". It spoiled me and I never looked back.
    A couple years later I bought the SW body guard .380. Smaller and lighter than the Phoenix. It hits everywhere with me but work.
    Vest pocket when I'm cutting wood and doing yard work. Jeans back pocket or front everywhere else.
    I like The manual safety, and the real sights. The laser never gets used but It was a nice feature when I bought It. Trigger is terrible, but it's gotten better and smoothed out over the years.

  5. I had a body guard I probably should of kept it but I traded it for a Kahr CM45 which was a nice 45. It's a great pocket pistol and I would probably buy another one if I did not have that sweet Kahr CW380.
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    I had the Taurus TCP738. I loved that little gun, but it was quite snappy. I ended up giving it to my ex-son in law. I have a Raven .25 that is a perfect little CCW. Fits anywhere. That is my wife's purse gun. It is very reliable with the right ammo. My CCW is my new XdS 3.3" .45. It is a very nice pistol. This thing is powerful, recoil is not as bad as thought it was going to be and there are a ton of holster options for it.
    The thing I got to thinking the other day is that I would rather carry my 45 with 5 rd capacity and an extra mag than be carrying my 24/7 9mm with 17 rds and an extra mag. The reasoning is that in the current climate, if you even get pulled over with a gun and have 34 rounds of ammunition available for it, that could be construed as "you are just looking for trouble". "that's not a weopon for personal protection, that's an arsenal". That type of thing.
    If I can't get the job done with 10 rds of .45 stopping power than....
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    NE Utah
    I like the little guns. I have the P3AT, PF9, P11, and slightly larger (but much heavier) PT140 and XD-SC in .40, plus the Makarovs and similar guns...all of which are easy to hide...but the .380 is just so, so easy to carry. Pocket in front or back, ankle, IWB...it just disappears, and I don't have to get used to it, or change anything.

  8. I'm seriously considering the XDS .45 3.3 I really liked the feel and the look. I'm leaning more towards the Kahr PM45 in black diamond with night sights, you guys can probably see a pattern that I like my Kahr's
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    I can respect that, but you definitely wouldn't be disappointed with the Xds. Springfield makes a great gun! My XdM .45 was a beast! Loved that thing!!
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    Another pocket pistol fan here. That also goes for snubbies of various calibers, but not the .357. The .357 needs at least a 4-inch barrel to reach its potential.
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    Subbing for Ideas, and I was kinda hoping to see some
    lady fingers and jr. t-rex arms as a bonus ;)

    Hello, Newman! :D

    Seriously, I love the idea, but I'm not even considering carrying
    anything I have now as a pocket gun ;) S&W 457 (45 ACP "Compact"?)
    I have the Phoenix HP22a (nah) and those are prolly the only two
    that even fit in this discussion... :eek:
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    My Bersa Thunder 380 is somewhat "old school" but is comfortable in the hand and loads 7+1. It's alloy frame adds some weight.
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    I had owned a kahr cm9, very disapointed. I had 5 magazines, and none of them would shoot a whole magazine. I had 3 keltec pf9's, and all 3 of them had issues with the magazines falling apart after the 1st shot?
    I'm going to try tcp or a lcp next. Currently using a SCCY CPX2.

  14. Did you run the Kahr through the 200 round break in period? I've never had a issue with mine.
  15. Hipointer

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    Well, I pocket carry my JHP...lol. No, seriously, the only "pocket" rocket I own is the G42, and yes I love shooting the little gun. I have large hands, and the Glock was the only pocket gun that was barely big enough for me to shoot properly.

    I generally have been gravitating towards larger carry guns as of late...was carrying my Walther PPS in .40 S&W today, in an OWB Bianchi. If I do go small, I go with my G42. :)

  16. I held one today I also held the mod 2 and that was cool because it was a double stack and felt good idk if i want a double stack. That would be harder for me to conceal but I still might try.

  17. It's good your staying on topic of discussion, you must be all out of pages in your coloring book. I hope some of the pictures made the fridge this time
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    My mommy puts them up on the freezer side,
    so I can see them when I get my Totino's Pizza Rolls :cool:

    So no pix, Newmy? :rofl:
  19. Hipointer

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    Yeah, Kahr is pretty up front about the 200 round break-in thing.
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    I have a Taurus 738 TCP on layaway. I really wanted the Bersa, but it just was too much at this time. But I found out it was only $169 and couldn't pass it up. Wanted to do it before Obama and the dems ruin it for us. Maybe down the line I can put it towards a Bersa.