Poking Fun at The Snobs

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  1. wganz

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    Didn't know

    that forum even existed.

    Got banned from the AR15.com Glock subforum since I pointedly posted that a pix thread of stock Glocks was kind of stupid since all Glocks look alike. The G19 looks like the G23 and that looks like the Glock 32 which in turn looks exactly like the G38 except for the model number stamped on the slide and the hole in the end of the barrel so all they were doing was having pix of a distinctive background around a stock Glock. That really pissed someone off.

    Oh, bother. :p

  2. SWAGA

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    Now don't go telling us all HP's look alike.......
    The Glock guys warned me about you!
  3. wganz

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    THANKS!!! [​IMG]
    I needed a laugh this Monday AM.