Polar Vortex

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    Back in 2007 it was 82* on Easter at my place. In April we had a night or two down in the single digits. That was a weird year. We had tornados in the winter, and 2 weeks of 100*+ weather in July. Things dried up in July. First rain we had was on my birthday in August. That figured as we were doing a "guitar pull" around a bonfire. :p

    What do these guys say for your area? http://www.almanac.com/

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    And never trust a meteorologist to accurately predict anything past three days.
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    We have 3 local weather forecasters, 2 internet weather forecasters for our area. All 5 have a combined 12% accuracy for tomorrows weather forecast.
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    We're having an early spring "back home in Indiana" Bart! ;)
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    NE Utah
    I drove through some serious nasty snow and sub freezing temps in Colorado Friday and Saturday, but it's 70+ in Texas!
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    Where you at Texas?
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    Yeah, and how did you blaze through here and not tell me you waved? What route did you travel?
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    NE Utah
    I-70 toward Denver, then I-25 to New Mexico, then east toward Texas. You couldn't see me wave because of the clouds and driving snow. I didn't see a single mountain. It was pitiful.:(

    We were making time, had to get to Dallas to pick up the SIL at the airport, then south to Madisonville for Easter and a grand baby birthday and baptism.

    So, I'm just west of Madisonville, on the daughter's 40 acres, trying to explain to my wife why we can't just stay here, and reminding her that it will be hot as Hades in a month or two...
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    I'm right off 50 so you would have needed a flair gun, BUT you were only 60 miles away when you cleared Pueblo on I25.