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  1. lklawson

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    My Judo brother is a Correctional Officer out at Lebanon (Ohio) and it seems like every 3rd week he comes in with busted up knuckle because yet another inmate is incapable of learning.

    It's been recommended to him a few times to get duty gloves with high-impact or carbon fiber knuckle guards but the correctional system won't provide those for him. I decided to kinda poke around and see what's available, maybe grab him a pair if they're not too expensive. The problem is... I have no clue what I'm doing. I don't know what I'm really looking for or at.

    Help me out here, HPFF law enforcement members. Throw some links at me or give me a brand and model because when I hit wannabe websites (like LAPoliceGear), I'm swimming in a zillion different option with thousands of price points.

    I think what he really needs is puncture/slash resistant pat-down gloves with hard knuckle covers. But, again, I don't really know what I'm looking at and most of it is drowning in marketoid hype and sales-speech.

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  2. Think1st

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    Hatch, Mechanix, Firm Grip and Oakley are all brands that I have used. Hatch makes the ones that get issued to the Army, while the others were private acquisitions. The issued Hatch glove model I have are made of a combination of Kevlar and cowhide, making them cut and puncture resistant. They are a little thick, but I can max the M9 qualification while wearing them.

    The Oakleys have good palms, and the knuckle guards work. The neoprene backing, though, isn't flame resistant, and they do cost a lot.

    The Mechanix gloves I have are just the work gloves. I like them a lot because they give adequate protection without making my hands sweat after wearing them all day.

    The Firm Grip Gloves also are a good option. They have goat skin palms and under the gripping side of the fingers. They backs are a thin neoprene-like substance. Quite frankly, they are my all around favorite gloves. While they won't let me catch a knife by the blade, they will protect the hands from abrasions and cuts. They also allow the most tactile sensation and dexterity. You can get them at Home Depot.

    I would actually recommend those to your Judo brother. They are the most practical gloves for all day wear, and they will certainly protect his hands from the scrapes that he gets from wrassling with his buddies at the institute for higher criminal education. Besides, I think I only paid $12 for the last pair I bought.

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    take a look at armored paintball gloves...
  4. lklawson

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    Thanks. I don't think it's so much the scrapes, it's the constant stream of busted and jammed knuckles.

    I use Mechanix gloves for doing my Western Martial Arts work and I like them but the knuckle backing on mine aren't hard, their thick, but semi-flexible, rubber.

    I'll look into the other options. Thanks. :)

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  5. Rachgier

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    Kirk, have him look in to the Mechanix M-Pact gloves, which I used as a bouncer. The M-Pact 3's have molded TPR knuckle protection.

    Hex Armor makes nice extrication gloves, which I used with the FD.
  6. Bull

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    Like these?.... The boy got me a pair for Christmas.... He said they're what the Marine Recon guys run.
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  7. lklawson

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    Looks similar to what the Security Police wear at the Gate except theirs are once piece across the knuckles. I think that's the sort of thing my buddy needs.

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  8. Bull

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    I haven't ran then at the range yet..... But they seem to be no hindrance to dexterity.... They feel pretty comfortable actually, and look nasty.... That may be a bonus for him...
  9. FlashBang

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    There is trade off of tactile detection ability and protection. The heavier protection typically results in a loss of tactile detection of weapons etc. I always wore 5.11 TAC gloves, the ability to feel items during a search is very good, they protect your knuckles, provide a barrier for blood contact, and all agencies approve their use. The use of some types of gloves can get you sued, especially those that contain lead shot or other methods of hardening over the knuckles. The use of weighted or hardened gloves can break the Use of Force Continuum if you are not careful.

    I still use 5.11 TAC gloves today for shooting, they provide excellent tactile feeling for trigger control.

    Just my .02

  10. Rachgier

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    Those are they. I like them, not too rigid, still have pretty good tactile feel and not as much limitation on your dexterity.

    In my experience, the one piece knuckle guards reduce dexterity quite a bit and don't always fit just right. I have long fingers so I have to wear a glove size up depending on who made it. The hardened plastic or carbon fiber one-piece knuckle guards end up sitting wrong on the backs of my hand and causing blisters. I would highly recommend the M-Pact 3's for your friend.
  11. papataylor

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    I've never worn gloves for anything other than keeping my hands warm in duck season, but my goodness I want a pair of those bad boys!
  12. moona11

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    Plus 1
    Ask him if its against policy to have covered knuckles hard or soft padding. Stab or punktuer proof work great in a setting with as many searches that they do.
  13. HP/C9/45ACP

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    Just buy him a pair of brass knuckles, soon the inmates will learn their lessons.;)
  14. lklawson

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    If only that were an actual option. :(

    For some reason which I fail to understand, Correctional Officers in Ohio (and apparently most states) aren't considered "Law Enforcement" officers. While (ims) LEO receive a special waiver in Ohio State Code for switchblades, brass knuckles, and the like, CO's do not.

    CO's aren't eligible under LEOSA either for the same bizarre reason (which I still don't know what it is).

    It might be hard-linked to "arrest powers" which I don't think CO's technically have. They're fer-sure allowed to perforate escaping inmates, though. :rolleyes:

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  15. Branth

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    I've never used hard-knuckle gloves, but I bought a nice pair of Ergodyne ProFlex gloves that are fairly warm, dextrous enough for most things, and protect my hands well. They make some for impact protection that will undoubtedly be more dextrous and protect the hands, though I don't think they're hard-knuckle. It would reduce impacts to his knuckles, but also reduce impacts from his knuckles. If he uses batons and the like, it would be exactly what he needs though.
  16. Not positive but I think LEOSA was updated to include CO. As far as the gloves it is simple, but not cheap. Several sporting goods companies make fighters gloves.
  17. moona11

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    They are if the state legislation is passed making then LEO. But they can detain anyone involved with prison issues.
  18. FlashBang

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    CO's are covered under LEOSA only if they have/had statutory arrest powers in their State. Many States do not bestow statutory arrest powers on CO's as they are not certified sworn LEO's.

  19. lklawson

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    IMS, City and County Jail CO's are LEO but, apparently, not State CO's.

    I still don't "get it." I think it's probably just an unintentional fluke of the State Code which will (hopefully) eventually be rectified.

    Heck, I'm personally hoping that soon all DoD employees and DoD Contractors will be granted privilege under LEOSA. :)

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  20. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    CDNN online has "combat reinforced gloves" for about 20 bucks with reinforced knuckles that are very comfortable. And cheap enough that he can grab a couple pair to keep in his locker.