Police officer tasers dog chasing him

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    I give applause to the officer for having enough sense about him in that moment to deploy his taser instead of his firearm and killing the dog. Even though they didn't mention the condition of the dog I am sure it is fairing much better after a taser than a bullet.

  2. Depending on the kind of dog, I'd have done the same damn thing. Good for the officer that he didn't kill the dog.
  3. Does using the taser first make the burritos more tender?


  4. I'm a big animal nut, but absolutly believe that an animal out of control needs to be immediately dealt with. He showed more restraint then most would have by not putting it down right there on the spot, HOWEVER that dog has probably been put down or will be soon or the aggression.
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    There is a video of a dog getting tasered by a Leo on you tube