Police sniper uses hax to win!

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  1. AndrewST

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    So check out this hacking sniper from the police department who used cheats to end this stand off!


    If you watch closely you can see the moment in the guys eyes as he suddenly understands he was just given a second chance by a very very well trained sniper.
  2. PWND!!! 1337 skillz0rz!1 :p lol
    I saw that a while back in CJ class in high school. Nice shooting indeed.

  3. AndrewST

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    After watching it 3 times I am going to assume he is using...

    1) AimBot

    2) WallHax

    yup...has to be.
  4. Aim bot nothin'! That's a sniper for you dude. I've seen that video a hundred times and I am still amazed at the skill of that sniper.
  5. elguapo

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    Snipers only get their name by being Snipers.
  6. I def wouldn't want to go up against that guy. He is def a crack shot.
  7. Ive seen that video many times and every once an a while I wonder just how lucky of a shot that was. I know theres a lot of skill and training to become a sniper but I still wonder if he can do it again.
  8. I'm not going to detract from this being an awesome shot and the sniper having some mad skills.... but, notice the bullet ricochet, it bounces off the gun and takes part of the leg off the chair.

    If that bullet had gone any other direction, it could have been a bad day for that sniper.
  9. Jettster

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    I thought it would ricochet and hit his leg or worse, but Kudos nonetheless.
  10. AndrewST

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    I am sure taking a richochet fragment to the leg or stomach isn't as bad as a full round to the head at point blank like he was saying he wanted to do. Still an awesome shot!
  11. I was more talking a ricochet going off to the playground and taking out a kid or puncturing a tire of a bus full or nuns and making it crash. I could give a flying rat's posterior about the dude on the lawn chair... personally I think the shot was about 16" to low... but thats a discusion for another day.
  12. That ain't no sniper.... he totally missed the guy on the chair's head!

  13. dunno if its true or not, but a gentlemen at my friends range claims to be the man who actually made that shot. True or not he's said to be an excellent shot.
  14. AnArmyofRon

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    Great line, and so many people fail to realize that when you point your gun in the direction of a cop they don't have to ask you to please stop that. They can shoot you in the face if they want. The guy was very fortunate. Still the reason I responded was your quote. Too funny
  15. I've always been amazed at the disparity between police incidents with the level of force used.

    Some officers put themselves in danger to prevent people harming themselves and others, while others take a moments hesitance in obedience as an excuse for physical force.

    Guess cops are just human.......
  16. I'm pretty sure they cleared the area surrounding the guy. SOP to get everyone out of the area in case lead starts flying for one reason or another. Thus why you don't see the hundred gawking bystanders who otherwise would be there.